Everlasting Changes Brings New Concept and Sound Results to Gym Members

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With an abundance of new gym concepts sprouting up in the area, there is one that has maintained its foothold on an elite, niche market for the last seven years.   Everlasting Changes, though located just over the Waxhaw border in Indian Land, South Carolina, draws a significant crop of clientele from our Tri-W market.

Everlasting Changes’ Owners Brett and Jennifer Kasmer have instituted a truly unique approach to training the body for optimal performance, providing private, semi-private and team training, at varying price points.  Additionally, they’re one of the few places that offer unlimited sessions.  Clients can come in anywhere from three to six times a week to be put through the paces of a cardio, strength and weight training challenge.  Session times are easily scheduled via a personalized app, and appointments are rolling throughout the morning and late afternoon/evening hours to accommodate all availabilities.

Furthermore, it’s their weight system that is quite remarkable.  Called Flexlines, it’s Bluetooth based cable technology with air compression.  “You can add 1-300 pounds just by the click of a button!  It allows you to see how much energy your expending on kiloweights, and there’s no wear and tear on the joints because of the smooth and fluid motion,” explains Head Trainer and Owner Brett.

Everlasting Changes’ sophisticated technology coupled with their qualified and personable training staff offer clients the ultimate package in health and fitness.  Most of their clients are in their late 30s to early 70s, and staff are constantly making modifications to help people get their best workout while ensuring they’re not going to injure themselves.

Upon their first visit, new clients can expect a full health evaluation, to include an online health profile, and a calculation of body composition from their InBody Scale that measures fat, skeletal, and muscle mass as well as water weight.  These results enable Brett and his staff to full recognize a client’s deficits and make modifications to their workouts accordingly. Moreover, an Everlasting Changes membership provides meal writing and coaching to support their workout goals (i.e., toning, body building, weight loss, etc.).

“I grew up in fitness, played a lot of sports…The passion I have for fitness, people see that in me and that’s what attracts the client to what we do, and obviously, getting them results,” exclaims Brett.

With a “Long Live Health!” motto, it’s no wonder so many Marvin and Waxhaw residents are flocking to Everlasting Changes for everlasting results.

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