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CHARLOTTE – When you have a trusted and faithful service provider right in the local community, everyone around should know all about them. FATman Plumbing Pro, Headquartered in Waxhaw, offers a wide range of residential services to the community with outstanding service. Chris Lovick, owner, promises that they will always strive to meet and exceed all your plumbing needs. The company is licensed and insured for services as simple as cleaning a drain to complex plumbing repairs.

Picture of Chris Lovick, owner of FATman Plumbing Pro
Chris Lovick, owner of FATman Plumbing Pro. Photo by FATman Plumbing Pro

At FATman Plumbing Pro, their policy on plumbing needs and repairs is to be proactive and preventive. It is always more time-efficient and cost-effective to prevent plumbing issues before they even start. As a service to the Union County community and their faithfulness to their clients, FATman Plumbing Pro is doing free quotes on water heaters and includes a free water pressure test for the month of December.

Water heater inspections are never a maintenance procedure that you want to delay. Delaying inspections could leave you without hot water for days and cause damage to your home that can be very costly. Inspections are important because they search for the warning signs of issues that need to be addressed. Common issues like sediment buildup and corrosion can be addressed and extend the life of your water heater. Other items that they inspect include how efficient your system is running, checking for leaks, and making sure if gas-powered, that there are no faulty gas problems. The long list of issues that the inspection reviews for is not only important to the life of your water heater but also the safety of your family. One of the most common gas leaks that leads to carbon monoxide poisoning is from water heaters. Call FATman Plumbing Pro today to make sure yours is properly ventilated.

Most homeowners are not aware that water pressure affects the quality of living. When you have low water pressure in your home it causes issues with everything from showering or washing dishes and laundry washing to adding time to the most common tasks waiting for water to run. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to complete a quick task that then ends up taking double the time because you are waiting for your water resource to fill up. FATman Plumbing Pro wants to resolve water pressure issues proactively. The free water pressure check is a proactive approach that they want citizens to benefit from. Why let water pressure “hold you up?” Reaching out to FATman Plumbing Pro is the way to go.

When plumbing issues arise and you are looking for quality and trusted service provided by a local community team, the technicians at FATman Plumbing Pro are trained to provide top quality services with amazing customer assistance. The dedication that this company has for local communities is amazing. The proactive approach that they offer to the citizens is a great way to ensure that they can save time and money for everyone. What better service can you receive than a free inspection (Union County only) that could save you from costly repairs and improve your quality of life? Make sure to reach out to their office at (704) 256-1400 or email them at

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