Famous American Sculptor Hosts Pre-Firing Viewing Of His “Statue For Love and Peace” Amid National Monument Controversy

Peter Rubino stands with his life sized statue, "Jesus."

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Peter Rubino, a world-renowned sculpture artist, stood smiling and chatting with visitors in the mid-morning sunlight. Friends and community members came and went at their leisure, enjoying the conversation, snacks, and of course the up-close view of his sculpture of Jesus Christ. Peter was hosting this pre-firing event at Created in the Carolinas Artisan Gift Shop on Saturday, August 26th from 9:00 am to 12:00 p.m. so that people could see the statue in its raw clay stage before it would be disassembled for firing.

Visitors stand at the back entrance to the Created in the Carolinas Gift Shop.
Guests enjoyed a variety of pastries and fruits.

As an American artist, Peter has been very cognizant of the recent controversies over statues and monuments. But Peter feels the plans he has for his statue should be anything but controversial.

“There can be no peace without love. Love is the light and the way. There is no greater love than God’s love. Jesus is love,” Peter said.

Peter stated that these are familiar words. Part of a widely accepted biblical message that is expressed, spoken and preached all over the world.

Peter Rubino stands with his life sized statue, “Jesus.”

Peter explained the intent behind his creation by saying, “My purpose was to create a statue that symbolizes and represents love, kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance and hope. I wanted my sculpture to capture the essence of Christ by combining my contemporary artistic style with a traditional look. My mission is to present opportunities for people to view my statue and inspire individual worship and prayer in both indoor and outdoor settings. Art speaks in ways that words cannot express.”

The statue symbolizes love, kindness, forgiveness, acceptance, tolerance and hope.

Instead of being a monument to the recorded deeds of one individual human or event, Peter’s statue captures attributes and attitudes that transcend time and place. It should bring a positive message to each beholder.

Peter was quick to acknowledge the efforts of others who helped make the event a success.

“I am grateful for Karen Johnson and the Created In The Carolinas team for hosting the first public viewing of my original life size sculpture of “Jesus,” Peter said. “I would like to thank Dorothy Moloney for her news media coverage and Jim Black of “Land Of The Waxhaws” public Facebook group, for his friendship and support.”

Peter stands with family members Jesse, Lauren, Grayson, and Brady Rubino to his right and renown potter Bill Stewart and Jim Black, of Land of the Waxhaws, to his left.

Peter said he was, “humbled by the positive response and encouraging comments I personally received from all the guests that attended the show.” He also wanted to thank the town of Waxhaw for their continued support of the “incredibly talented artist members of the Created In The Carolinas co-op” and the Waxhaw Entrepreneurs (WE).

Karen Johnson, team leader of the WE said, “I would like to thank all those who came to see the finished product in clay and look forward to watching the process of getting the statue ready for the kiln. I think it has been a great education for all those who have been involved with following this process and visiting with Peter since the first pound of clay entered Created in the Carolinas. It has been an honor having him as a guest artist as well as new start up business in the incubator as he is pursuing other avenues for his art performances.”

Those interested in Peter’s work can follow Created in the Carolinas and Land of the Waxhaws on Facebook for upcoming events. They are also encouraged to go to www.pursuehimwithpassion.com to watch Peter’s amazing two-minute video, “Passion In Clay.”

The statue will soon be disassembled for firing.
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