First weekend in December will kick of Waxhaw Christmas season

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As soon as the table is cleared and the turkey is tucked neatly into the fridge, it seems, almost instantaneously, that fall is over and Christmas season has begun. Many families have the tradition of putting up their Christmas decoration, and tree soon after the Thanksgiving feast is over. The “Christmas Creep”, as it has been labeled, starts as early as the day after Halloween in many retailers; Waxhaw, however, has held fast to giving each holiday it’s due appreciation. While the town turns into absolute magic during the holidays, it’s managed to let Thanksgiving keep its spotlight until December.

This year, as in years past, Waxhaw offers a month full of festivities that brighten the colder, shorter days of winter.

Traditionally, December has been filled with events that invite people to celebrate in whichever way they most enjoy. This year, the month kicks off with a special party aimed at some of the wisest and most beloved residents of our community- senior citizens.

While people in the category may no longer believe in Santa, the magic of Christmas is no less real for them. They’ve beared witness to the traditions of Christmas being passed from generation to generation. They’ve seen the holiday take on a variety of forms and fashions over the years, and they’ve beheld the sparkingling eyes of a plethora of children on countless Christmas mornings.

Waxhaw aims to create a special environment for these beacons of the community to enjoy some time reminiscing on Christmases past at the Seniors Christmas Party, on December 1st.

The bash begins at noon, and is held in the Waxhaw Bible Church at 6810, Pleasant Grove Rd. Anyone who is over the age of 60 and lives within the Waxhaw town limits is invited to partake in a meal, a chat, and some wonderful music with friends. An enjoyable afternoon is assured to be had by all who attend.

While the official kick off to the holiday season in Waxhaw is the Seniors Christmas Party on the 1st, the rest of the population is invited to join in the celebration on Saturday, December 2.

A favorite tradition among many locals, the 2nd brings Waxhaw’s Festival of Lights. Held from 4 to 8, this enchanted evening brings the twinkle and sparkle of Christmas to the streets of downtown as well as to the eyes of children, young and old.

The celebratory atmosphere invited that cozy warm feeling in your heart that marks the holidays, and the beautiful Christmas lights hung amid the downtown transform Waxhaw into a scene right out a vintage holiday tale.

A carnival litters David G Barnes Park, complete with rides and games for kids to enjoy. Santa is patiently perched in a special location, listening carefully to the wishes of Waxhaw’s youngsters. Hot chocolate is sipped and carriage rides offer a cozy place to cuddle with someone special.

Live performances of the nativity draw crowds, and christmas tunes float across the brisk air from the stage off North Main street, bringing the spirit of the holidays with them.

As the first weekend of December approaches, visit Waxhaw’s town website to see details on upcoming festivities, and plan your first stop on the Christmas season.

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