Fitness Together celebrates 10 years in Waxhaw

Owner, Lenny Turi, (second to L) and staff

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Fitness Together of Waxhaw- located next to the Harris Teeter- celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary in style this weekend.

Celebrating 10 years

The results-driven fitness stop offers the Waxhaw community and surrounding areas a unique and exceptional opportunity to get your sweat on in the most personal and positive way.

The name, Fitness Together, is representative of the beliefs of the company and their employees, as their motto is “Private training gets results”.

When you come to Fitness Together as a client, the experience is tailor-made to your individual needs from moment one. The “1 Client 1 Trainer 1 Goal” banner on their informational materials is the standard at this boutique fitness center that sets them apart from other gyms. Their promise to their clients reads, “Here you get a workout designed for you and you alone. You’ll get a certified personal trainer who will push you just hard enough to get results you’ve been looking for. And you’ll do it all in the privacy of our studio. At Fitness Together, we are about 1 client, 1 trainer, and 1 goal.”

The business operates 100% driven by this mantra and speaking with owner, Lenny Turi, and his staff of four other certified trainers, you can clearly see that it’s the heartbeat of their fitness family.

Turi, touting a mile-wide smile, and larger-than-life approachability, lights up as he speaks about his desire to help his clients grow physically, emotionally, and at times even spiritually, under Fitness Together’s program. The staff works together as a team to provide a positive and supportive collaborative environment where clients can rely on the trainers to help lift them up when they need that extra push. In fact, the Waxhaw location’s business card affirms the company’s pledge to “Love, protect and respect our clients”.

When you become a member of Fitness Together’s clientele, you become a member of a close-knit, caring, and compassionate community who are there to support you as you strive to achieve your personal goals- fitness and otherwise. Fitness Together doesn’t ask you to be perfect; it asks you to be real. They’ll help with the rest!

The shared fitness family atmosphere of support and encouragement was palpable at the 10-year celebratory bash. Clients arrived and were promptly decorated with a name tag, making sure everyone was given an identity in the crowd.

Guests were greeted with hugs by the trainers and the chit-chat consisted of nuances of daily life that proved they knew one another on a personal level. These were friends among friends.

A lavish spread of delicious fare from local spots thanked clients and nodded to the community spirit of Fitness Together by supporting Waxhaw eateries while feeding those who stopped by for the party.

Local eateries provided fantastic food.

Delicious dining menu

The Nate Randall Band set the atmosphere alight with tunes that were pleasant to the ear, and the general feeling was more of a private get-together than a corporate celebration.

The Nate Randall Band

In all, it was reflective of the heart and soul of Fitness Together; merging what they do with those they love to create a better experience for all.

You can find out more about the one of a kind fitness studio by calling them at their Waxhaw location at 704-243-1130, or going online to

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