Five Tips For Selling a House with Pets

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A recent Zillow study stated that 60% of home sellers own pets with nearly half of all sellers owning dogs, a third of home sellers owning cats, and about 12% owning other animals.

I’d be willing to bet that number is even higher in the Carolinas in general and in the Charlotte area in particular.  We Carolinians love our fur-babies!

I’ve sold several houses where the owners had dogs – not nearly as many cat owners – and I’ve shown countless properties with pets at home during showings, as well.

The question was recently posed to me by clients with a small dog who are planning to sell their home soon.  When it’s time to sell your house, what do you do with Fifi and Fido?

Go For a Ride Together

If possible, the first and best option is to remove all evidence of your pets inside the house before showings.  Of course, it isn’t always easy – or possible – but I certainly recommend removing your dog from the house before showings.

If you are at home and can put your pets in the car with you, take a ride or visit the park for an hour or two during showings.

If you have a pet friendly neighbor, consider asking them if you can bring your dog over – or at least put him in their backyard – during a showing.

Another great option is to board your dog during showings.  Top Honors Pet Care in Waxhaw is only $10 per day and you can book a stay for your pet if you know you have a showing scheduled.

If you can’t remove them from the house, consider putting them in a crate.  Just know that if your dog is a barker, she is going to be a distraction to the people touring your home!

Stains & Smells

If you own a pet, your house smells.  Sorry about it, but it’s true.  I can’t smell my own dog, but I’m sure my guests can when he hasn’t been bathed recently!

Bathe your dog to cut down on the pet odor and be sure to sweep and vacuum frequently.

If you own cats, isolate the litter box to the laundry room or powder room.

Don’t forget to clean your furniture if you let your animals cuddle with you on the couch or in the bed!

Toys & Feeding Dishes

Your pet likely has a food and water dish in your kitchen and toys all over the house.

Move feeding dishes to the pantry, garage or porch so they aren’t in plain view.  And put your pet’s toys away in one place so they are easy to find and easy to put away.

Just as you shouldn’t have too many personal effects in your house because potential buyers want to see themselves living there, they also want to see their own pets living there – not yours.

Fortunately, I’ve yet to be attacked by a slobbering Great Dane while pointing out the intricate details of a listing’s crown molding, but I have had little ankle biters underfoot and distracting potential buyers with their cuteness.

Thinking about selling your home?  Give me a call at 980-298-9385 for some sage advice. I’d love to meet your pets, too!  Unfortunately, your house’s potential buyers might not.

Jimmy Grappone, NC/SC Realtor® | | 980-298-9385

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