Food, Drink and Festivals: The List of Ten Things Every Local Should Know About Downtown Waxhaw

A little taste of Waxhaw. (Ed Berti)

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Fresh and healthy food dishes are available.

If you’ve lived in Waxhaw, North Carolina for more than a few years and you spend a decent amount of time in town, you can put down the paper or move on to another article.

But if you don’t know everything that every local already knows about Waxhaw, by all means, read on!

No. 1.  If you want to eat at Maxwell’s Tavern on Friday or Saturday, you better get there by 5 PM or be prepared to wait.  Perhaps Waxhaw’s most popular restaurant for its laid back atmosphere and quality fare, Maxwell’s draws the crowds.  Not to worry, they’ll text you when your table is ready so you can do some window shopping or cross the railroad tracks and have a drink (or a delicious meal) at Black Chicken or The Dreamchaser’s Brewery while you wait.

No. 2.  Waxhaw loves parades. Especially the 4th of July and the Christmas parades. If you want to attend either, you’d better arrive early.  And if you’d like to participate, the more the merrier!

No. 3.  Waxhaw does festivals right. Kaleidoscope Fest celebrates the arts in May.  Autumn Treasures, October 13-14, is more food centric and is highlighted by a regional BBQ contest.  Both two-day events have countless vendors and a street fair atmosphere.

No. 4.  The best time to stand on the walking bridge is when a train is coming through. Just please don’t stand on the tracks.  It’s very dangerous and, might I add, illegal.

No. 5.  Wherever you go, you can find dessert. From Waxhaw Creamery to The Cupcake Queen, and from Pelican’s Snoballs to Cookie Dough Bliss, there is no shortage of dessert-only establishments!

No. 6.  Waxhaw loves food trucks…at least for now. Earlier this year, Waxhaw’s Board of Commissioners recently voted down a policy that would have restricted areas where food trucks can operate, but that proposal was struck down 3-2. Hooray for Cousins Maine Lobster!

No. 7.  Speaking of food, no trip to downtown Waxhaw is complete without a visit Provisions Waxhaw.  They have local products of just about anything you can imagine, and they serve perhaps THE BEST Reuben sandwich ever made.

No. 8.  Waxhaw has an amazing Farmers Market held every Saturday of the year in the lot beside the Water Tower.  Or is it the Water Tank?  Summer hours are 9 am till noon beginning in early April and lasting till October when they open from 10 am till noon.

No. 9.  Waxhaw has its very own skate park.  Don’t bring your bikes to ride on these ramps.  This park is strictly for skaters.  Ollie, Ollie, Oxen Free!

No. 10.  Waxhaw is a mecca for cyclists. Live here long enough and you’ll know to watch out for packs of avid cyclists in and around Waxhaw on the weekends.  You might also get to know “Teelo,” Bike Depot‘s owner who is nearly as passionate and knowledgeable about bikes as he is about what’s on tap at Mary O’Neill’s and Dreamchaser’s! (Stay thirsty, my friend!)

BONUS: Up until about 8 years ago, Waxhaw was a dry town.  Now it’s known as a great place to wet your whistle.  In fact, The Dreamchaser’s Brewery was named the top reason to leave the city for a drink earlier this year by Charlotte Magazine.  That’s high praise for Neil & Anita Gimon’s establishment! Mary O’Neill’s Irish Pub has become a favorite local establishment, as well!

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