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Husband and wife team and co-owners of The Exercise Coach, Justin and Tracy Morris

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WAXHAW, NC – If you’re fed up with spending hours a week at the gym and not seeing results, The Exercise Coach has the answer!  Their high-tech Exerbotics equipment and personal coaching can help you achieve your health and fitness goals in just 20 minutes twice a week.

The Exercise Coach is small and private by design.
The Exercise Coach is small and private by design.

“It’s based on science,” says The Exercise Coach Waxhaw Owner Tracy Morris.  “We focus on muscle quality versus movement quantity.  That’s how you’re getting an efficient workout in 20 minutes, because we don’t waste time!”

On the right side of the studio sit three different Exerbotics machines designed for strength training plus a 360 Surge machine that is designed for conditioning.  Your first time at The Exercise Coach, a trainer works with you on each machine to set your range of motion and complete a short series of strength tests.  From there, the machine builds the exact workouts that you need to do to get the results that matter to you based on your body and your ability.

“You know how in an old-fashioned gym where you’re doing 3 sets of 12, and you don’t really feel fatigued until the last set?” asks Morris.  “Our machines are built to do a deep dive into your muscles on the first rep because it’s building the workout based on what you need.”  Additionally, the machines are designed with safety in mind. “The machine would actually shut off before it would let you hurt yourself,” adds Morris.

Once the computer has built your workout, completing your reps is a bit like a video game.  When you enter your pin, the computer loads your customized workout.  “It adapts to you in real time and builds the specific workout that you need to do that deep dive into your muscles immediately,” says Morris.  The goal is to push just hard enough to stay right above the green line on the screen.  A standard protocol is a 20-minute workout consisting of 8-9 different exercises combining resistance training and cardio.

High-tech exerbotics machines combined with one-on-one coaching helps you train in just 20 minutes.
High-tech exerbotics machines combined with one-on-one coaching helps you train in just 20 minutes.

The idea of a computer compiling data and determining your workout might seem impersonal, but with a maximum of 1 trainer to 4 clients in group training – and many clients choosing to work with a trainer one-on-one – it’s anything but.  The appointment-based gym is private and small by design, and it’s one aspect of The Exercise Coach that appeals to many clients who have struggled to meet their goals in a traditional “big box” gym.

“Our typical member is 40 plus,” says Morris, “people who aren’t comfortable in your typical big box gyms or for whom traditional workouts just didn’t work.  People who are busy professionals, people who might have a previous injury that are worried about aggravating that – those are our typical clients.”

Although The Exercise Coach is ideal for people who may be intimidated by larger gyms, Morris is adamant that this is a program that can work for anyone.  “I have clients that are in their twenties, and I have clients that are ninety-five!” she says.  “You could be someone who runs a marathon, and you can be someone who’s never worked out your entire life, and it’s going to work for you because it’s ability based.”

The dedicated team at The Exercise Coach is ready to help you meet your fitness goals.
The dedicated team at The Exercise Coach is ready to help you meet your fitness goals.

More than just ability-based, The Exercise Coach works to determine the best plan for each client based on their individualized goals and needs.  It’s this personalized attention combined with the adaptive Exerbotics equipment that makes the Exercise Coach unique.  “We sit down with all our clients and go over their goals and come up with a game plan for them,” says Morris.  “We combine our high-tech Exerbotics equipment with our coaches and find that sweet spot to make sure that you’re getting the results you need, whether that’s weight loss or increased muscle.”

The Exercise Coach combines efficient training with effective nutritional counseling to create what Morris calls “the full package” clients are looking for.  “We believe in combining whole effort exercise with whole food nutrition,” continues Morris, “so you actually get a nutrition playbook with your membership as well, and we do what’s called the metabolic comeback as a team.”

Morris and her husband Justin, who own the studio together, have always been interested in health and fitness.  “I have personally always struggled with weight and body image,” says Morris.  “Having a child in my 30s, I found it really hard to lose the weight after that, and found that I personally didn’t want to spend five days a week in the gym!” 

The promise of better results in a shorter period of time is only part of what drew Morris and her husband to The Exercise Coach franchise.  “I personally love the workout because I can get real results in 20 minutes, but what drew me to the company from a business standpoint is who the actual founders are,” says Morris.  “I love the science-based approach, and I love that they’re actually genuine human beings that care about getting people healthy.  It’s not just a quick fix; we genuinely care about sitting down and figuring out what we need to do to get people healthy and accomplish their goals.”

When Morris isn’t at The Exercise Coach, her energetic, two-year-old daughter Riverlynn keeps her on her toes!  “I’m always a mom first!” she says.  Looking forward, Morris and her husband hope to “keep rocking and rolling” and eventually expand into more locations.

If the idea of getting fit and healthy in just 40 minutes a week appeals to you, call or text the studio at (704) 271-9550.  “Anyone can do this!” says Morris, “and your first two sessions are always free, so if you’re curious – just try it!”

The Exercise Coach Waxhaw is located at 1526 Providence Road South, Suite 160.  You can reach them by phone at (704) 271-9550 and keep up with them on Facebook and Instagram at The Exercise Coach Waxhaw.

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