Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting, PLLC Opening In Mineral Springs

Chaundra Fletcher, licensed therapist of Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting with her therapy dog, Solitaire.

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WAXHAW, NC – It was Mister Rogers who said “In times of crisis, look for the helpers,” and Chaundra Fletcher, the owner, and licensed therapist at Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting, PLLC, has always been a helper.  Ms. Fletcher’s impressive background includes holding certificates and degrees such as her MA, MBA, LCMHC, LPC, LCASA, and NCC as a licensed therapist in both North and South Carolina.  She is opening her counseling center in Mineral Springs.

The tranquil interior of Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting in Mineral Springs
The tranquil interior of Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting in Mineral Springs

Chaundra Fletcher began her career as a social worker for the Department of Social Services working with clients to establish safe and stable home environments during a crisis.  In addition to working with clients concerning mental health issues, she saw the detrimental effects of drug and alcohol abuse on her clients and their children.  While her work was important, Chaundra wanted to provide preventative services to individuals before they reached the point where their lives were spiraling out of control.  By focusing on trauma and the roots of addiction, along with addressing symptoms of mental illness, she helped clients systematically tackle their issues, helping them on their journey to recovery and stability.

“I want to meet people where they are and walk with them on their journey”, Chaundra explained.  Each client will need their own approach to therapy.  At Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting, Chaundra aims to provide “a safe space for people to say the things that may not make sense to others”.  She aims to reach clients through thoughtful conversation, assisting them in “talking things out” while supporting them, and providing the tools and insight to help them navigate their path to healthy living.

A cozy therapy room at Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting in Mineral Springs
A cozy therapy room at Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting in Mineral Springs.

Ms. Fletcher uses an eclectic approach to therapy that is centered around Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT).  This approach works to help teach the brain new ways to process thought patterns while focusing on present-day challenges, thoughts, and behaviors.  It involves the active participation of the client and helps to reduce stress, support resolving relationship issues, assist in dealing with grief, aid in the journey of recovery from substance abuse, and helps the client navigate many other challenging life issues.  In addition to CBT therapy, Chaundra utilizes several other complementary therapy approaches including mindfulness, aromatherapy, art therapy, journaling, and letter writing.  Ms. Fletcher also has a therapy dog named Solitaire who is available for clients who would benefit from pet therapy.

At Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting, the approach to therapy is person-centered.  Chaundra takes the time to get to know her clients and match them to the best therapeutic approach for their struggle.  Clients can expect a complete clinical assessment and detailed conversations about past and present relationships with family and peers, a checklist to address symptoms of many underlying disorders, assessments for depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, and a compassionate approach to client care.  Ms.  Fletcher also makes sure that all clients have an appropriate list of free resources for emergencies and crises.

In addition to individual therapy services, Ms. Fletcher will be offering group therapy for individuals recovering from addiction (ages 16+), as well as group therapy for families affected by addiction.

Graceful Insight Counseling and Consulting, PLLC, located at 5923 Waxhaw Highway, Suite 3A in Mineral Springs, will be holding an office blessing and open house as an introduction to the community on Saturday, June 20th from 12 pm – 3 pm.  Everyone is welcome to stop by to receive information on mental health awareness and view the tranquil safe space that Chaundra has created for your therapy needs. 

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