Grow and Protect Your Business with George R. McGough CPA

George R. McGough CPA of Waxhaw, NC credit: George R. McGough

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The IRS is a toothy beast to say the least. Fortunately, Waxhaw CPA George R. McGough carries a steel file and a muzzle wherever he goes.

Maybe he doesn’t do that, but what he does carry is 30 years of experience helping clients stay tax compliant and grow their businesses, organizing and evaluating performance all while minimizing tax liability.

With this experience comes the knowledge of the intricacies of the practices of the Internal Revenue Service and the details of the obligations that you have to them.

Knowledge like McGough’s is the only viable protection when dealing with something as complex as tax law.  If you owe the IRS and do not pay them in a timely manner, they can take your home, your car, your business and maybe even your dog.  They are not to be taken lightly, but McGough’s help can surely take a load off.

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One of the most valuable services that McGough offers to clients, outside of tax assistance, is the designing of systems and reports to help organize financial records and meet business goals.  Some of these goals may include the purchase or sale of business assets, the purchase or sale of an existing business or expansion into new territories, both domestic and foreign.

McGough has focused a 30 year career on helping small businesses remain tax compliant, helping them to minimize tax liability and organizing, planning and evaluating business performance and now his firm is located right here in Waxhaw to help your business achieve maximum efficiency and reach its full potential.

If you are ready to grow or organize your business you can contact George R. McGough by phone at 704-400-3979 or email at or visit for more information.

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