High School Wrestling in Full Swing

Wrestling a physical game of chess on the mats.

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The Union County wrestlers have been on the mats mixing it up, tumbling, getting their competitors into holds, grappling, take-downs, pins, in Dual Meets and Tournament matches since the winter sport season began.  At times the sport can become a chess match, where there is strategy applied to defeat an opponent, or set up a competitor for the next move leading to the ultimate pin and winning the match.  It’s a tough physical sport, where strength and skill matters, however, you must have an action plan to win consistently entering every match.  The top performers in the County who compete in the Tri-W-News area include the following athletes.

106 Pound Weight Class – Ryan Blanchard, sophomore, 31-8 Porter Ridge, Rigley Bagley, freshman, 17-11 Parkwood, John Gibson, freshman, 16-11 Weddington.

113 Pound Weight Class – Ericsson Cheek, junior, 36-10 Porter Ridge, Ryan King, sophomore, 14-4 Cutherbertson.

120 Pound Pound Weight Class – Alex Gallagher, senior, 32-10 Porter Ridge, Thomas Capul, junior, 25-3 Marvin Ridge, Steven Bigham, freshman, 24-14 Parkwood.

126 Pound Weight Class – Colby Simpson, senior, 28-14 Parkwood, Jack Hartman, senior, 19-14 Weddington, Jacob Yim, junior, 18-4 Marvin Ridge.

132 Pound Weight Class –  Grant Kahlenberg, sophomore, 23-6 Cuthbertson, Alec Ordell, senior, 18-11 Weddington.

138 Pound Weight Class – Drew Dickson, senior, 43-5 Porter Ridge, Jared Hough, junior, 22-10, Aidan Nolan, senior, 16-11 Weddington.

152 Pound Weight Class – Joseph Coble, senior, 28-10 Porter Ridge, Dheeraj Pannem, senior, 14-11 Marvin Ridge.

160 Pound Weight Class – John Arnett, senior, 41-10 Porter Ridge, Wyatt Hopkins, senior, 26-10 Sun Valley.

170 Pound Weight Class – Kobi Tarlton, sophomore, 25-10 Porter Ridge, C J Teas, senior, 17-6 Weddington.

182 Pound Weight Class – Thomas Larison, senior, 23-6 Cuthbertson, Joe Zovistoski, sophomore, 21-1 Weddington, Jack Wilton, senior, 15-1 Sun Valley.

195 Pound Weight Class – Cody Hardy, freshman, 27-8 Parkwood, Matthew Distante, junior, 14-8 Cuthbertson, Lucas Rodgers, junior, 12-4 Weddington, Brock Cain, junior, 8-0 Parkwood.

220 Pound Weight Class – Daniel Morrison, junior, 30-6 Parkwood, Trey Smith, senior, 30-8 Porter Ridge, Andrew Macchiavello, freshman, 23-6 Sun Valley, Jake Wallace, senior, 18-4 Weddington.

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