“I Love Lucy” exhibit visits Waxhaw

David L. Cook, great nephew of Lucille Ball, talks to the tour group and shares personal anecdotes about Ball and her friends.

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On Thursday, February 15, 2018, a special “I Love Lucy” exhibit opened to the public for three days.  Thursday featured the Waxhaw Parks & Recreation Senior Coffee Hours with tours led by David L Cook.  Cook, a seven time Emmy winner for TV scores and compositions, is the President of the Artists Music Guild (AMG) and the great nephew of Carol Cook who was Lucille Ball’s best friend.  During the exhibition, Cook spoke about the collection including costumes, props, memorabilia, and more.  He also told personal stories about the time he spent with his Great Aunt Lucille and her friends while answering questions from the tour group.

Cook was given the collection in the 1980’s by Lucille Ball and stores it in temperature controlled storage units.  “It thrills me to be able to bring this stuff out. It brings them and their careers back to life. It’s great to see people personally connecting to the costumes and props.”  Sheila, from Indian Land, came to see the exhibit.  “I get everything about the Town of Waxhaw on my phone since my daughter lives here in Waxhaw.  I am a life long “I Love Lucy” fan.  I love the costumes and the dresses and the stove with the bread.  The chocolate conveyor was amazing.”

The Artists Music Guild worked with the Town of Waxhaw to bring this collection to the Douglas McDonald House.

David L. Cook talks to the tour group and shares personal anecdotes about Ball and her friends.
The Artists Music Guild and David L. Cook worked with the Town of Waxhaw to bring a special “I Love Lucy” exhibit to Waxhaw.
David L. Cook, President of the Artists Music Guild, talks about one of the dresses worn by Lucille Ball.
Several of Lucille Ball’s dresses are displayed including a yellow gown that Ball described as making her look like Big Bird and she loved it!
Costumes worn by Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance during “I Love Lucy”.
A chocolate conveyor rolls by costumes and cutouts of one of the most famous “I Love Lucy” episodes.
Marceliana and Sophia are from Waxhaw. “We came for “I Love Lucy” after we saw the exhibit on the Waxhaw FaceBook page. We are both big fans and Marceliana is home schooled so we’re able to come down during the day.” Marceliana’s favorite episode is “Job Switching” about the chocolate factory. Sophia’s favorite episode is “Pioneer Women” with the bread.
Johnsie Hernig and Megan Wallace from Waxhaw came for the senior coffee and “I Love Lucy” exhibit. Hernig loved listening to David L. Cook and seeing friends.
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