Ideas to Celebrate Mom During The Pandemic

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WAXHAW, NC – We woke up one morning and our whole world had changed.  Handshakes and hugs had become ways to transmit disease while isolation and social distancing had become the new normal.  But not everything has changed.  Motherhood is perennial, it keeps expanding and growing even as we enter this new era in life.  Where we were once split into the separate camps of homemakers and working mothers, we are all now united as we care for our families, teach our children, and forge new bonds.  Mothers on the front lines are waging war with this pandemic disease while trying to protect patients, patrons, and their families. They return home to their children after disinfecting, to love and nurture and reassure all, as they are drowning in exhaustion.  Mothers at home are juggling the responsibilities of work, running a household, and teaching their children in ways they may not have been familiar with before.  They are fielding new questions and facing new challenges as they continue to hold their children close, wrapping them in love and protecting them from the uncertainty of this new world.  

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Through it all, mothers keep mothering, they keep loving and protecting their children, they keep reassuring, they keep pushing forward, kept afloat by hope and faith.  As you celebrate this Mother’s Day, which will be so different from the rest, remind her how much you appreciate all that she is doing to keep your family going.  Recall happy memories and create a picture slide show of your favorites.  Surprise her with breakfast in bed, or dinner in the backyard.  Create a personal Spa Day and pamper her with special soaps and fragrances.  Tell stories of family adventures and silly memories to remind yourselves that while times have changed, good things are still possible.

This Mother’s Day, many may not be able to celebrate with their mothers in person.  Shopping has changed dramatically with the new social distancing restrictions.  We’ll need to look at celebrating this holiday in a new way, one that keeps us and our loved ones safe from the pandemic.  We need to return to the simple gestures of love:  cooking a meal,  completing much-needed chores and projects, creating home-made poems, or writing a letter of appreciation and affection.  Shop locally and help support the families of the mothers in our community by ordering gift cards, gift baskets, art from local artists, and take-out treats from our favorite local restaurants.  The following are businesses are offering Mother’s Day specials or discounts.  Please consider patronizing one of our local establishments, it will be greatly appreciated as we all struggle through these uncertain times.

Local Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Local Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
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