Introducing Elizabeth Callis, 2nd Term Mayor of Weddington

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On Monday, December 9, 2019, Elizabeth Callis was sworn in for her second term as the Mayor of the Town of Weddington. Her two year term will end in 2021. Callis ran for Mayor in 2017 because she wanted to be more involved in her community. She had previously served on her HOA Board as leader of the Social Committee before becoming leader of the Pool Committee and finally serving as the President of the HOA. She believes that it is important for everyone to be involved in their community.

Callis is proud to be representing Weddington for a second time and mentioned “I would like to thank everyone that voted to keep me Weddington’s Mayor. Working with the town council, our residents and local government agencies alike has been a wonderful experience. I am so excited to build on all the things I have learned these last 2 years to ensure that Weddington continues to prosper and grow in a way that protects our core values.”

“For those folks who did not vote for me, I’d like to let them know that I would still be happy to discuss any concerns or issues that they have. There was a lot of one-sided information going around during the campaign and I would love the opportunity to sit down over coffee and discuss any of them.”

For those who wish to be involved in their local government, Callis advises that you first learn all you can about the position you are seeking. Then clearly define your goals as they will relate to your position. She said that often people have a misconception about what the reach of the positions are and educating yourself can be your best shot at reaching your goals.

Callis finishes with “My main goal is to help Anne Pruitt have a smooth transition into her newly elected position. She will be the CRTPO (Charlotte Regional Travel Planning Organization) alternate and will be attending transportation meetings with me. As we all know, roads are a big problem in our area. I want to help her meet all of our DOT folks, provide her with as much information as possible so that as a team we can work productively with DOT. We will be having our Town Retreat in February and as a council will go over our goals for the year.”

Elizabeth Callis, Mayor of the Town of Weddington

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