Introducing Jan Smith, Mayor of Wesley Chapel

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On December 2, 2019, Jan Smith was sworn in as Mayor of Wesley Chapel. This two year term will see Smith leading Wesley Chapel into the future. “Friends and Families of Wesley Chapel, I am honored to be your mayor! I believe we have been given a special gift that we must make the best of, starting tonight.  The next two years will allow 5 like-minded elected officials to make a difference for our Village. In a state and national atmosphere of divisiveness and discord, our Village has a council committed to collaboration and consensus.”

Smith continues, “We is greater than me” in our Village.  This council are your public servants, committed to representing you and the needs of your family.  We welcome open, two-way communication at all our gatherings, both formal and informal. Make sure the Village reflects what you want. Local government is the easiest to access and the easiest to influence.  Your council members are your neighbors, we share the same concerns, we return calls promptly, we respond first to your wants and needs.  This is the level of government that closely affects your day to day life.   Upset with traffic? Not happy with high-density housing? Want residents needs put over developer’s dollars?  Want to keep taxes low? Want Wesley Chapel to remain debt free? Want Downtown, the Village center completed? What kind of commercial establishments do you want?”

“I challenge you to make your voice heard, because we’re listening!  And having heard our residents, we are committed to maintaining the rural atmosphere of our Village by responsibly managing our growth.  As a result, our Planning Board is beginning to create a Comprehensive Plan to be the guide for the inevitable growth and development of Wesley Chapel.  Resident input will dictate the goals included in the plan. So when you are asked for your opinion, please reply.”

“Council members set 5 goals to guide us in the next two years.   These goals reflect the citizen input we have gathered over the last 2.5 years.   1) Support Comprehensive Land Plan completed within 1 year or less. 2) Create a strategic financial plan for the Village by June 2020.  3) Make progress with Wesley Chapel commercial center. 4) Increase citizen involvement in Village activities. 5) Increase collaboration with surrounding towns to speak as a common voice to NC DOT.”

“These are huge goals, so we need your help!  I implore you. Please participate in our local government.   Our most valuable resources are our residents; our volunteers keep the Village moving forward. Multiple opportunities make participation easy; boards, committees, events, as little or as much as you desire.   Take ownership of your whole Village, share your talents will all of us. “  Love where you live! – Jan Smith, Mayor of Wesley Chapel

Jan Smith, Mayor of Wesley Chapel
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