Introducing Ron Pappas, New Mayor of Waxhaw

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On the evening of December 10, 2019, Ron Pappas was sworn in as the new Mayor of the Town of Waxhaw. Former Waxhaw Mayor, Steve Maher, did not run for re-election this year and there were a total of five newcomers vying for the vote. The election count was completed on November 15, with a recount completed and certified on November 19, 2019 with Pappas as the winner. Pappas’s term as Mayor will last for four years before the next election for the position is held. Pappas was inspired to run for office after he heard that Mayor Maher was not seeking re-election. He felt his background in real estate and development would help him have a clear vision of where Waxhaw is heading.

Pappas wanted to say, “For ALL of our citizens and voters, a heartfelt “thank you” for getting out to vote and participating in the election process. All of the citizens should know that each of the members of the Board are working towards the Town’s best interests and will continue to be dedicated to listen, to be transparent and available. We encourage participation from each citizen to seek and understand each of the issues the town leadership has been, and will be, faced with going forward during the next four years. There are several openings for positions to serve on the many boards and commissions and we would invite investigation by the citizens to see if they might be able to qualify to serve in these capacities.”

“Our immediate challenge is to fill the roles of Town Manager and Finance Director. The recruiting and interview process had started with the current Board and will now pass to the newly elected and incumbent Board members. Depending on the candidate pool, we hope to complete this process by end of first quarter 2020, if not sooner. There are some existing initiatives that will carry through to the new board and we will endeavor to work through those as information is gathered and verified. Quantifying all of the annual budget items will also be one of the top priorities.” Pappas continued.

“We certainly hope that everyone involved in our community government at every level can gather together to help us achieve these early goals and be involved and informed to offer input as we move forward.”

And a final note from the desk of the Mayor of Waxhaw, “Wishing everyone a joyous and safe holiday season from all of us at the Town of Waxhaw.”

Town of Waxhaw Mayor – Ron Pappas
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Tara Botero
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