A plane on display at JAARS Day on June 9th, 2018.

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On Saturday, June 9th, 2018, JAARS, Inc hosted an open house in the form of JAARS Day.  “JAARS Day gives us an opportunity to share the fascinating and important work that we do, introduce ourselves to neighbors from near and far, answer questions from folks in the community, and talk with friends who have an interest in missions, aviation, technology, and more.” explains Steve Biggerstaff, VP, Engagement of JAARS, Inc.  Approximately 650 people came to visit the museums, presentations, aviation hangar, and more.  There were guided tours of the museums, airplane and helicopter rides, and other interactive exhibits that explains JAARS mission.  JAARS has been hosting various open houses since the 1960s and now open their campus for a behind the scenes peak four times a year.

Biggerstaff continues, “JAARS is a hub for training, attracting a constant flow of mission staff heading to and from overseas assignments, as well as home to many others who lead programs here after a lifetime in the field.  Each person has a unique background, perspective, and story to tell!”  He points out that each JAARS day is a variation around a common few themes.  “First, people all over the world deserve the social and spiritual good that comes from having their own written language from literacy, education, economic development, and cultural preservation to the ability to hear and consider the good news of the Bible in their own heart language.  Second, people without a written language typically live in places that are very remote and dangerous, and the linguists and translation workers there have significant logistical barriers (like transportation, technology, media, and training) that JAARS is well-equipped to help solve.  Third, the JAARS Center and the people who serve here provide critical logistical support to roughly 50 linguistic and translation organizations working with nearly 800 language communities in over 30 countries worldwide, and that’s just over the last five years!  And finally, men and women with both unique and everyday skills can play a part in missions right here in the U.S.  Our staff ranges from aircraft pilots and mechanics to administrative assistants, from accounting, finance, technology, HR, communications professionals to facility managers, groundskeepers, and hospitality staff.”

JAARS has also just announced an upcoming series, “Night at the Musuem”, which will be held on June 15, August 24, September 28, and October 19.  The event begins at 7 pm and while admission is free, preregistration is required by calling 704-843-6066 or emailing alphabetmuseum@jaars.org

A JAARS member speaks about their aviation program while a plane in the back unloads visitors.
Amber Griffin, from Monroe and Solid Rock Baptist Church, is recording a bible verse in Gullah. Rich Reid (right) and Paul Closius (left) are JAARS Members. Reid explains, “”By putting the scripture into a native language, they can spread the message to those who don’t read. They use a solar powered speaker so no electricity is needed either.”
Greg Lorei, from Waxhaw, and Louise Derr, from Waxhaw, are preparing to present a lecture about how mobile phones are used in supporting bible translation. Louise will be dubbing voices into a movie.
Anderson & Eleanor Greene (center), from Pageland SC, came with their church youth group from Solid Rock Baptist Church of Monroe. They are working on a puzzle featuring a group of native people with their Mom and Sherry Lorei, a JAARS member.
A live performance of “The Story of William Tyndall” in the Townsend Auditorium at JAARS Day in Waxhaw on June 9, 2018.
Gene Ahrens (center) gives a presentation about the origins of the alphabet.
Jihua Feng of UNC Charlotte and Yuqin Wang, from China, teach Debra Kieft and Sharylee Zachary words and writing in their native language.
Marilyn Ahrens (left) speaks with visitors in the Cardenas Mexico Museum.
A crowd gathers in the hangar at JAARS Day on June 9, 2018.
Various booths and displays are present in the JAARS hangar during JAARS Day.
A plane on display at JAARS Day on June 9th, 2018.
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