Jon’Ric brings unique spa offerings to South Charlotte

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Matthews and Weddington residents have a new choice for customized spa treatments: Jon’Ric International Massage and Wellness Spa.

Jon’Ric Matthews’ location is owned and managed by Waxhaw residents Angela Strother and her husband.  After nearly three decades in corporate manufacturing Angela and her husband left corporate America in 2016 with the desire to do something new.  “One of the reasons we decided to enter the spa industry is because many times I’d only go to the spa on vacation,” says Strother, who points out that studies suggest an alarming percentage of the population – around 85% – is unhappy and looking for an outlet to destress.

In Jon’Ric, one of the oldest spa franchises in the world, the Strothers hope to provide that outlet for South Charlotte residents.  Jon’Ric offers a full menu of spa treatments: facials, body wraps, massage, waxing and threading. “We offer all body treatments and facials,” says Strother, “but it’s those treatments themselves which make us unique.”  For example, their newest body treatment offering is a “Pevonia Desert Heat Copper Body Wrap,” a self-heating, bubbling wrap

One of Jon’Ric’s treatment rooms.

rich in copper, magnesium, calcium and zinc. “We do not have a basic facial, our basic facial is a custom facial,” continues Strother.  “We’re much more into customization for any treatment.”

Jon’Ric also offers unique services experienced spa-goers may not be familiar with.  One of their unique offering is Halotherapy or salt rooms. Salt rooms have been used all over the world since the 1800s but have only become common in the United States since the 1980s.  Jon’Ric’s two salt rooms are akin to a salt cave with salt walls, bricks of Himalayan sea

salt, and a Halo generator pushing salt through the room during sessions. The larger of the two features a sunken floor coated in two inches of Himalayan sea salt; its smaller neighbor next door can be utilized for massage.  Salt rooms are excellent for respiratory and skin health; in addition to being relaxing, they are recommended for individuals with allergies, eczema, acne, asthma, dermatitis, bronchitis, and sinus infections.

The larger of two salt rooms has wraparound salt walls and sunken floor coated in 2″ of Himalayan sea salt.

“A 45-minute session is equivalent to three days at the ocean, and that’s because it’s an active system,” says Strother.  “A passive system would be, for example, if you were at a cave or in the mountains waiting for nature to do what it does. An active system just means you’ve got man-made equipment that facilitates the process, and that’s why we can expedite the process.”

Another offering that sets Jon’Ric apart is their oncology esthetics, a separate certification for treating cancer survivors.  

The smaller salt room can be utilized for massage or configured for yoga.

“Once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, their skin never returns to its normal state,” says Strother, who has recently begun working with skin care suppliers Lindi and Hylunia to obtain products and develop treatments specific to oncology clients.  “You don’t give oncology patients the same treatments.”

Jon’Ric’s retail boutique offers a wide selection of unique products.  “We have a number of small-batch, either natural or organic, products throughout,” says Strother, highlighting dead sea mineral products from Israel and Jordan.  “There’s a story behind pretty much every product we offer.” The boutique also sells premier professional brands like Pavonia and GM Collins as well as local products.

Strother points out one of the unique, family-manufactured products sold in the spa’s retail boutique.

In the next two to three months, Jon’Ric hopes to begin offering medical injectables.  It’s a project in process, and the full menu hasn’t been laid out yet, but they are considering things like botox fillers, b12 injections and something dealing with weight loss management.  

The Strothers are thrilled to bring something unique to the South Charlotte spa market.  “We chose this franchise because they take your idea and help you make it come to life,” says Strogher.  “It’s not a cookie cutter franchise.”

Jon’Ric International Massage and Wellness Spa is located in Matthews on Matthews-Weddington Road.  They are open Monday through Saturday 9:30 am – 8:00 pm and Sundays 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm. They serve children and adults of all ages.

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