Leave Your Pets In Good Hands with Waxhaw-Based Pet Sitting Service

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Deciding upon quality care for our pets when we’re busy at work or traveling out of town can be a daunting task, afterall, it’s hard to imagine that anyone could be as good to our four-legged fur babies as we are.  But In Good Hands Pet Care, LLC aims to do just that!

Owner Ashley Watts is thrilled to be doing a job she loves in the dog-friendly town of Waxhaw.  After beginning her career in corporate sales, she took the opportunity when she saw it to leave that life behind and start her “dream job” of professional pet sitting, back in 2012 in her former home of Greenville, South Carolina. Upon relocating to Waxhaw, she quickly started In Good Hands to an ever-growing Tri-W market. 

Their pet sitting is ideal for customers with puppies and/or senior dogs who can’t hold it all day, but also for anyone that requires some TLC for their pet when they are unavailable to provide it themselves.  In Good Hands prides itself on the relationships they build with their customers – both with the pets they care for and their owners.

But what their few hundred clients really care about is that their fur babies are cared for in the loving manner in which they’re accustomed to, and that is exactly what In Good Hands offers.

“Our customers become friends and family.  We’re taking care of their pets, and their pets are their babies.  Our biggest concern is that they are safe and happy,” explains Watts.

And just as nanny-cams are a thing, so too is In Good Hands’ pet journals where owners receive a recap with each visit, complete with pictures, outlining the time the pet sitter arrived and left, if/how the pet relieved themselves, and any other relevant or interesting tidbit about the encounter.

Watts has a full team of support behind her at In Good Hands with employees that not only share in her genuine love of animals, but also possess the dependability and competence to keep the small business thriving.  It doesn’t hurt that they are members of the national organization, Professional United Pet Sitters, and are all insured and bonded.

“One of the things that make us different is that we are professional sitters, meaning we are trained and prepared for anything that may come up while our customers are away,” asserts Watts.  “We are a wonderful alternative to asking a friend or neighbor.”

Their services and pricing is listed on their website, https://www.ingoodhandsnc.com, and if you’d like to meet Watts and her team, In Good Hands Pet Care will have a booth at Waxhaw’s upcoming Autumn Treasures festival.

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