Local Author Makes Positive Impacts On Culture and Family Traditions

Photo by Anna Prokos

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CHARLOTTE – In a search across the world, you will find a long list of authors, each with their own writing style, information to share, and input on the world. When an author that is working to share the power to celebrate families and culture all around the world is found right here in our local community, that is one of a long list of reasons why our community offers the support that we do. The citizens that make up this small and unique community add the value that people look for when moving to a new place to call home. Anna Prokos is one of those amazing authors and is a part of this wonderful local community.

Anna founded A-to-Z Publishing in 2008 with the hope of being able to make a positive and influential impact on the celebrating of different cultures. She and her team members believe that preserving cultural traditions and having the chance to explain how the roots of the different cultures are celebrated will help preserve their traditions for current and future generations. Each one of her books focuses on cultural celebrations that can bring children and families closer to their roots, plus give them a chance to celebrate their culture, language, and traditions.

Ms. Prokos has published and written over 40 children’s books. These books have included projects that she has worked on for Sesame Street, Scholastic, Weekly Reader, Discovery Channel, and many more. Traditions, family culture, and the celebration of families are very important to her, and she wants to make sure that current and future generations have the resources to be able to explain and put value into these important facts.

Book by Photo by Anna Prokos, The Lucky Cake
Photo by Anna Prokos

A-to-Z Publishing and Anna are excited to announce their newest release. It is a book titled “Lucky Book Series.” The book is in celebration of the 200th Anniversary of Greek Independence Day which will be celebrated on March 25, 2021. Releasing the book this holiday season is the perfect way to prepare kids for the upcoming holiday along with sharing information on why it is such an important day in history.

The book, The Lucky Day, features the story of a young boy named, Billy, and his family. In the story, they are getting ready to celebrate the upcoming March 25th holiday with a big parade in their city. Billy is not used to wearing the traditional clothes of his culture and does not want to wear his fustanella. A fustanella is an article of traditional clothing that could be viewed as a dress to a young boy. Through the story, his family shares with Billy the importance of his culture and explains the history behind the value of the celebration that his family will take part in. After the explanation Billy changes his mind and decides that wearing the outfit is actually a very lucky part of the day. He is not only proud of his culture but proud to be able to take part in such a historic day. The book is written to help children understand that the day is one of the biggest in Greek history.

Book by Photo by Anna Prokos, The Lucky Day
Photo by Anna Prokos

Books are a very important part of childhood development, and getting kids excited to read is what authors are always striving to do. Anna and A-to-Z Publishing are doing that and so much more. They are sharing their books with families all over the world and helping them celebrate their culture, heritage, traditions, food, and languages. It is important to ensure that kids growing up in different parts of the world still have a chance to understand and celebrate their traditional culture even if they are not growing up in their home country. The books share about celebrating multi-cultural holidays and traditions with fully realistic fiction stories. It is important for children to understand the world in their future success and that is exactly what A-to-Z Publishing is working to achieve.

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