Local Fashion Show Garners Huge Support

The "Girlfriends, Glam, and Giving" fashion show received a lot of local support from both sponsors and attendees.

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WAXHAW, NC – On Wednesday, April 13, Southern Style Designs put on a fashion show to help support Teal Butterfly, a non-profit ovarian cancer organization. Southern Style Designs Owner Marcie Padgett partnered with Jennifer Mosblech, owner/operator of Moss & Black Salon, and Ramona Schiefelbein from Waxhaw Tap House to plan, host, and run the event.

For Mosblech, this kind of show is something familiar. “I’m originally from New York. My salon there was often involved with local boutiques for NY fashion shows,” Mosblech explains. However, her professional experience was only part of what attracted Mosblech to this show idea. “Honestly, Marcie has a great store, and a lot of people don’t know she sells more than just houseware and décor; she has clothing, too. Plus, she is so passionate about making every woman feel her best.”

True to that mission, Padgett cast regular women to be her models in the show, local women who live, work, and thrive in the Waxhaw area. Each model had the chance to walk the runway in two different outfits. “It was so much fun to see how confident each model felt,” Mosblech describes. “A lot of them had never had their hair and make-up professionally done like that before. That’s what I love about being a stylist – the joy I see in someone after a trim – I could live on that energy! I’m so thankful I got a chance to be a part of this event.”

The models were all local, every day women. Padgett wants her products to make anyone feel beautiful.
The models were all local, everyday women. Padgett wants her products to make anyone feel beautiful.

The ladies at Teal Butterfly were also grateful, sharing photos and compliments in their Facebook group. Their encouraging posts called the show “amazing” and sent out a message of gratitude to “all the ladies who made it such a success.” Padgett is happy with the outcome of the show. “We hope to have more events in the future, but this event was a great success,” she shares.

Mosblech hopes that she will get the chance to partner with Padgett or other businesses in this way again. “I’d love to collaborate with anybody, really. This show was the talk of the town. Ten days after sales opened up, the products were sold out. I think other businesses and non-profits could benefit from this kind of event,” Mosblech comments. “Plus, I love doing hair and make-up. I love everything about it and always look for opportunities to do more in my community.”

For more information about Teal Butterfly, please visit their website at http://tealbutterfly.org. To support the local businesses involved, please visit Waxhaw Tap House at 110 McDonald Street or check out their website http://waxhawtaphouse.com. Southern Style Designs is located at 2416 Providence Road, and you can follow them on social media on Facebook at “Southern Style” and on Instagram @southernstyledesigns. Moss & Black Salon is located at 3808 Providence Road South, and their website is http://mossandblacksalon.com.

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