Locally Sourced, Provisions Waxhaw Provides a Little Bit of Everything

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Candles and soaps, salsas and olive oils, even jewelry and t-shirts, it’s hard to put a label on Waxhaw’s Provisions, but it’s also hard NOT to find what you’re looking for!  For owners and husband-and-wife team Ken Posko and Lisa Vigil, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Provisions, as it’s known to the locals, is a dream come true for Vigil and Posko, who took over the store back in 2016.  Having built a kinship with the original owner and falling in love with the “shop local” concept, the couple were more than happy to preserve the farmer’s market template that had already been established, and build upon it.  They did just that, as their prominent spot in the heart of Main Street, combined with their stellar service, has afforded them the biggest footprint in town!

“We’ve gotten a good reputation for having good, quality food,” beams Vigil. “And we pride ourselves on great service!”

The bread and butter of the Provisions business is their market that supports over 90 local vendors, along with their in-house, prepared sandwich shop.  Posko, also a Waxhaw Volunteer Firefighter, is the shop’s head chef, and came up with the simple menu that relies on fresh ingredients, made from scratch each day.

The most popular dish on that menu would be the Rueben, made-to-order, with locally baked bread and uniquely prepared meat.  With a money-back-guarantee on this signature sandwich, Provisions has yet to reimburse anyone!

Their service to the community in which they live is very clearly what defines Vigil and Posko.  “Our children are taught by the very same people that come in and order food from us.  I love that when they come through our door, I know you, and you know me.”

Vigil’s commitment to knowing and loving her own community is captured in her life in and out of the store.  An astute shopper, she’s always keeping an eye out for local goods that might be a good fit in the shop.  And having built a strong reputation in the area, she now has local vendors coming to her on their own, to see if their items can be featured in the Provisions marketplace.  And from pimento cheese to fudge to hand-crafted jewelry, there’s no shortage of goods to explore. 

“I try to be honest with vendors about what works and I try not to have them compete.  I only want to carry one of an item…give that exclusivity to vendors, so they can really shine in the shop,” explains Vigil.

Vigil and Posko are quite content, serving a large but niche market.  They very clearly know who they are and what they’re good at, and have little desire to veer outside their lane.  And that appears to be just fine for the locals that come back, time and time again!

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