Look to the Helpers

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I don’t think I’ve ever, or any of us for that matter, have been in the throes of a pandemic where our world has everything but shut down. But here we are. I know those with loved ones who are sick are extremely concerned and I thankfully don’t have any idea what that feels like. So I try to look at the helpers, the “front line” if you will.

Our healthcare workers from doctors and nurses, to the admins, janitors, therapists,  are tirelessly working, risking their health each day. They are doing it because that’s they’re job. My niece Kim is a nurse, and her attitude is a matter of fact. This gives me comfort that she’s not running around screaming. They might cry in private, but the strong faces these workers put on in these times give me hope and strength.

Then you have other front line workers…the everyday people outside the healthcare industry. The essentials. Let’s hear it for the grocery store employees, farmers, mechanics, manufacturers, truck drivers, hardworking gas station employees (like Anna at BP in Mint Hill).

Then we have teachers who are working to make the year-end not so upsetting for their students. The garbage men still out picking up. The police department still have to fight crime, the medics, and the fire department.

There are too many to name, but these people are still out there, risking the personal well being so that we can feel better daily about what our future holds. Thank you!

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