Making Halloween a Fun and Safe Spooky Night

Halloween pumpkins.

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Autumn and Halloween decorations.
Spooky cat sitting on a branch on a full moonlight night.

It’s that time of year when everyone is looking forward to Halloween night. The children and some adults get dressed up as their favorite characters, go outside and knock on neighbors doors and say “Trick or Treat?”

The children usually get what they want, a bag or bucket full of wonderful candies and other sweets! The fun can quickly sour if parents and their children do not take the necessary precautions and preparations to enjoy a safe night.

This article is written to help all who enjoy in the annual festivities to keep safety in mind during Halloween. Therefore, we can begin with a story which is always fun. This is not the kind of story you will find in the local library.

Once upon a time during a frightful Halloween night something wonderful happened, everyone across the land had a fun filled and safe night of trick-or treating.

Parents walked with their children as they collected their goodies and treats. Older kids walked in small groups. Nobody went out alone, while everyone would carry a flashlight or a bright glow stick.

Every child knew their phone number and home address just in case they strayed away from their small group. They knew to dial 911 in an emergency. They were told not to go with any strangers or without permission from their parents or guardians. Everyone would adhere to trick-or-treating hours designated in your local community.

They were told to stay in their own neighborhoods and stop only at well-lit homes who welcomed the kids to enjoy their treats. They knew better than to go inside any house, no matter what the greeter at the door said.

Always try to use the sidewalks or walk facing traffic, and use cross walks when available. Cross streets at corners, never between parked cars, obey traffic signals; make sure you look both ways, keep alert and listen for traffic before crossing. Watch out for cars backing out of driveways too.

Best to wear light-colored costumes with reflective tape, this includes the bag or bucket used to hold your treats. For better vision, children can substitute colorful makeup instead of a mask. Also, keep the costumes short so the kids don’t trip, and make sure they are fireproof for added protection.

Inform the kids to know and understand why its so important for them to accept treats that are tightly wrapped or sealed, and to wait to eat them until they get home so a caring adult can inspect the treats.

Halloween is much more fun when it is celebrated safely. Therefore, children everywhere across the land could sleep soundly dreaming about all their goodies, while their parents can sleep as well knowing their children are safe.

It’s important for parents and guardians to take the time to teach their children about Halloween safety and the kids understand the reasons why the rules must be followed.

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

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