Managing Pain, Anxiety and Depression With Alpha-Stim

The Alpha-Stim M model

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One in five Americans suffer from chronic pain, according to recent studies from the CDC. Those who suffer from chronic pain are undoubtedly familiar with the multitude of side effects associated with traditional, medicine-based pain management. Chronic pain patients are surely familiar with the long and drawn out process of physical therapy as well. While these traditional methods, as well as many others, aren’t to be disregarded, they do have their shortcomings. In light of these shortcomings, many of those who suffer from chronic pain have begun to pursue alternatives to augment their current pain management systems, or even to replace them.

One alternative, through which many patients have found success, is the Alpha-Stim cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES) device. The Alpha-Stim is FDA cleared and works by delivering a microcurrent through a treatment probe or through specialized clips worn on the earlobes. The microcurrent stimulates and modulates specific groups of nerve cells to help relieve patients of pain, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

The Alpha Stim M Model close up view

Wil Dees, of Alpha Team Medical, is an Alpha-Stim representative that uses the Alpha-Stim herself. She says that it has been life changing for her and her family. Her daughter began using the Alpha-Stim to alleviate her chronic pain several years ago. They were so impressed with the results, that Dees left her successful corporate career to represent Alpha-Stim and share the technology with the public. Her husband, recovering from major surgery, completely avoided the use of pain medication with help from the Alpha-Stim. Dees used the Alpha-Stim during her husband’s recovery to aid with sleeplessness and anxiety, and they both continue to use it several times a week.

Wil Dees of Alpha Team Medical

Dees said that there have been many independent studies conducted by top healthcare institutions showing the safety and efficacy of the Alpha-Stim. The MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas and the National Health System (NHS) in the UK, to name a few. In fact, Dees said, the NHS is prescribing Alpha-Stim as its first line of therapy for treating anxiety. Many local practitioners have adopted the Alpha-Stim as part of their treatment arsenal as well, and Dees expects the implementation of Alpha-Stim to continue to increase. One local practitioner, Dr. Tene Osahar M.D., owner of Arcpoint Labs of Monroe-Wadesboro, partners with Dees to provide Alpha-Stim therapy to clients screened at Arcpoint Labs. Many of these clients are in safety sensitive jobs, in which they can’t take opioids for pain or certain other medications, as they are mind-altering, and may pose a workplace hazard. Alpha-Stim provides the pain management that these clients need, without the impairing side-effects. 

Malaika Lewis-Gill, one of Wil Dees’ Alpha-Stim clients, said that the Alpha-Stim has improved her physical state, and her mental well-being. A car accident injured Lewis-Gill’s knees, and despite undergoing physical therapy, she continued to suffer from pain and swelling that prevented her from engaging in the activities that she enjoyed like pilates, and a bi-weekly jog through the neighborhood. She said that the Alpha-Stim has helped her to finally begin to reintroduce these activities into her life. She said that the Alpha-Stim has made her a much happier person. 

To learn more about Alpha-Stim, and how it could help you, visit or contact Wil Dees at (704) 770-6699.

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