Microchipping: Security For Our Four-Legged Family Members

Jessica and her fur family

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If you have ever had a missing pet, you know that it can be one of the scariest and worst feelings in your life. Wondering where your beloved family member may be, if they are safe, and if you will ever see them again is an alarming experience. Jessica Sedotto, a 16-year-old from Waxhaw, recalls an experience with a missing pet that changed her life, and now she’s hoping to change the lives of many others because of it.

When Sedotto was a child, her family dog was never far from her side. Like so many pets, they worried little about him being lost because he wasn’t known to wander. However, one 4th of July, that all changed when a firecracker caused him to flee.

The distressed family enlisted the help of friends and neighbors, and eventually, their beloved dog was turned in But immediately they made an appointment to have him microchipped at the vet in case he ever ventured off again.

The impact of this moment has stuck with Sedotto to this day, which is why she has chosen for her Girl Scout Gold Award to organize an event to make micro chipping accessible to everyone.

On September 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Passionate Paws Animal Hospital has agreed to partner with Jessica to hold a low-cost microchipping clinic for any and all pets. While usually cats and dogs are the recipients of these tiny devices, nearly any pet can have one placed under their skin.

Owners may worry about microchips being safe for their animals, but Sedotto is working with Dr. Bonilla and the Passionate Paws Staff to be sure each pet receives the highest of care. A microchip is quickly inserted into the skin between the animal’s shoulder blades and is as tiny as a grain of rice. It is a safe and speedy process with no recovery time for the animal.

“Micro chipping is a simple procedure,” Sedotto said. “Once a pet is microchipped, they are chipped for life. If your pet is lost and gets scanned at any vets office or shelter, they will easily be able to be reunited with their owners.”

The advantages to having your pet chipped last for its lifetime, and there is no up keep to a chip after it is placed and registered.

After the chip is placed, it is imperative to finalize the process with registration. The implant must be assigned to the correct owner. Sedotto’s clinic is offering on-spot registration with PetLink to make the experience for those bringing their pets in more convenient. It’s a one stop trip for newly chipped animals and their families.

Jessica knows that one reason some animals may not have a microchip is that they are not well socialized, and owners may be reticent to bring them to the office to be seen. She’s made sure to overcome this obstacle at her event by enlisting the volunteer services of Kevin Gasser, an animal control officer who will be on hand to help out with any difficult situations.

Sedotto may be working toward her Gold Award in organizing and hosting this microchipping clinic, but in speaking to her it is very clear that the cause runs deep in her heart.

“I am holding this microchipping event because I would like to see a change in my community,” Jessica said. “Even just having one pet microchipped can make a huge difference in someone’s life. My goal is to have as many pets microchipped as possible so that I can see less lost pets and more happy families.”

As a community, we are thankful for this young lady’s effort to make our lives, and the lives of our beloved animals, safer and more secure. Bring your pets, rain or shine, September 23rd- it could change your lives.

Jessica and her fur family

Microchipping keeps pets safe
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