Move, Pack, Clean LLC Does It All With Heart

Linda Hill, owner of Move, Pack, Clean LLC.

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The best ideas are born of necessity.  Linda Hill, owner, and creator of Move, Pack, Clean LLC knows how to rise to the occasion and make the best of a given situation.  When she moved to Charlotte in 2010 as a teacher and military veteran, she found that the teaching job she had secured was offering fewer hours than expected. A newly single mom raising children and co-parenting with her ex-husband, she decided to use her expertise as a teacher of entrepreneurship, marketing, and communication to start her first business Green Thumb Cleaning and Organizing.  It was in this capacity that Linda began to notice that customers were constantly scrambling to find companies that met all their needs: cleaning, heavy lifting, packing, moving, and organizing. In 2015 the idea for Move, Pack, Clean LLC was born.

move pack clean
Move, Pack, Clean located at 1310 Wesley Chapel Road, Suite B, Indian Trail.

This year marks 10 years in business as an entrepreneur for Linda Hill and she’s still going strong.  Move, Pack, Clean now employs up to 20 vetted employees that can accommodate any size job whether a customer needs help moving and cleaning items within a home or whether they are moving to an entirely new location.

Serving Charlotte and the surrounding areas, Linda provides her customers with a la carte options to meet a diverse range of needs.  After providing a quote based on the type of services requested, the Move, Pack, Clean team of experts gets to work quickly and reliably.  

From customers buying their first home to empty nesters and retirees downsizing to more manageable properties, Move, Pack, Clean does it all.  Their total package moving options help customers organize and purge their items, pack, move, unpack, and provide move-in or move-out cleaning services.  

move pack clean
Crew of Move, Pack, Clean LLC.

For Linda, Move, Pack, Clean is first and foremost a heart-centered business.  “When you’re in someone’s home, you’re touched by all the stories connected to all of their things” she explained.  In one instance, Move, Pack, Clean was called to assist an elderly gentleman who had health issues with an eviction.  He was worried that he was going to lose his security deposit due to being unable to clean thoroughly. The Move, Pack, Clean team, assisted him with their Senior Package that provided help to organize and purge unwanted items, pack, and move to his new location.  They then provided his home with a top-notch clean that earned him back the entirety of his security deposit. It’s helping folks in these stressful and incredibly intimate moments of moving that Linda finds most rewarding.

Move, Pack, Clean LLC has a storefront location at 1310 Wesley Chapel Road, Suite B, in Indian Trail where customers can purchase packing supplies.  For more information and to get a fair quote please contact them at 704-907-1777 or visit Keep up to date with their latest information via social media at Move Pack Clean on Facebook and @movepackclean for Instagram and Twitter.

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