Mr. Tile is ready to help with your home tile renovations

You will likely see Mr. Tile's van driving throughout Waxhaw and surrounding areas, as the company focuses on projects in these communities. (Photo courtesy of John Kontakis)

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John Kontakis, Owner and Master Tiler at Mr. Tile and Home Improvements, started laying tile at the age of 19, when he was fresh out of the army in Greece.   “I started Mr. Tile in 2004 in New Jersey after about a decade of working with small, owner-operated home improvement companies in New York and New Jersey.  My family and I moved to Waxhaw in 2014 for my wife’s job, so I rebuilt my business here.”  Mr. Tile and Home Improvements focuses on all home projects involving tile, including full bathroom and kitchen remodeling, floor and wall tile installations, tile fireplace surrounds, and outdoor projects, such as tiling pools and patio floors.  They also do tile and grout cleaning, maintenance, repair, re-grout, and recoloring.

Mr. Tile is fully insured and, while you don’t need a license for tile installations, any tradesperson he works with are licensed and insured according to the requirements of their trade.   The majority of Mr. Tile’s clients are referrals from previous clients and he takes that honor and compliment seriously.   When contacted about a new job, he explains “we usually meet within one week or less of their call, and I go to their home to discuss their project needs and take measurements.  We discuss all their tile, bath, and kitchen options.  For example, what designs they have in mind, what color, texture, and size tiles, what types of countertop, vanity, or shower enclosure.  By the time our meeting is finished, I have a full understanding of what they need and I have all my measurements.  Within about three to five days, depending on the project scope, I provide clients with a detailed estimate, describing exactly what will be done, the timeline and the project cost.  It’s important for clients to understand what I will be doing, what materials will be used, and how long their project will take.  Even small projects can feel stressful for some homeowners, so I want to make it as clear, detailed, and as easy as possible for them.  By being transparent and honest in my project steps and pricing, clients can feel confident they are getting excellent knowledge, craftsmanship, and service when they hire Mr. Tile.  I have built my business on honesty, fair pricing, and perfection.  Sometimes things don’t go perfectly, but I always aim to exceed my clients’ expectations.”

Mr. Tile wanted to give back to his community so he just adopted a block in downtown Waxhaw and is extremely proud of the opportunity to give back to the community he lives and works in.  “As part of the Adopt Downtown program, my wife and four sons, as well as clients who would like to volunteer with us, will be helping to beautify “our” block downtown with quarterly clean-ups.   It’s been an absolutely amazing experience to grow our family and our business here, and I can’t wait to give back to the community that has given us the best years of our life so far.”

Kontakis reminds us that, “I cannot stress enough to work with experienced, reputable and insured contractors.  Your home is your biggest investment, so cutting corners is usually not the best idea.  If you work with an honest and fair contractor who has strong experience, legitimate references, and pictures of recent work they’ve completed, you should be in good hands.  I’ve been in the kitchen and bath remodeling business for more than 26 years and I can’t tell you how many times clients call me to fix the problems another contractor caused, like newly remodeled bathrooms that leak after a shower, or shifting, broken, or crooked tiles shortly after installation, or worse.  One piece of advice I would give homeowners is: you truly get what you pay for.  Mr. Tile is not the cheapest and we are certainly not the most expensive; but we are amongst the most knowledgeable and experienced, and because I am an owner-installer, I truly care about my clients’ projects because they are my own!  I am on the job site, working daily with my assistants, and I take every project to heart.  I’ve built my business on this premise from day one.  John Kontakis is Mr. Tile, my name is on every project and that is both a tremendous responsibility and honor.  For this reason, I don’t bid on or accept every project.  If I can’t take on or complete the project successfully, if there are factors outside my control, or if I’m asked to fix major problems created by other contractors, I have to decline these opportunities.  Also, timing is a factor.  If someone wants their project completed this week or asap, I am usually booked out a month or so in advance.  Right now, I’m scheduling projects into July.  Fortunately for Mr. Tile, clients are willing to wait to work with us!”

Are you ready to contact Mr. Tile and Home Improvements?   Kontakis can be reached at 704-256-3750 (office), 980-616-0914 (mobile),, or

You will likely see Mr. Tile’s van driving throughout Waxhaw and surrounding areas, as the company focuses on projects in these communities. (Photo courtesy of John Kontakis)
Kitchen backsplashes can be showstoppers, changing the entire look of a kitchen in just a few days. This design shows three tile treatments: subway tile, a framed marble backsplash and a herringbone design on the side wall. (Photo courtesy of John Kontakis)

With the large variety of tile sizes and designs, clients aren’t limited in their choices for floors and walls throughout their house. (Photo courtesy of John Kontakis)
Mr. Tile does complete kitchen and bathroom remodeling. For this project, the tiled wood-look floor and freestanding tub make this master bathroom a luxurious escape. (Photo courtesy of John Kontakis)
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