Much-Needed Postal Annex Opens in Waxhaw

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With an influx in business to Waxhaw in recent years, there was one service that still eluded residents, until now…That is, a packing and shipping provider to manage outgoing packages and various printing projects.  Conveniently located off Kensington Drive, in the Cureton Station Shopping Center, Postal Annex officially opened their doors in November of last year.

Owned and operated by Iowa-transplants Travis and Erika Hauser, Postal Annex meets a need in the local community that otherwise wasn’t being served.

“We live here, and saw a need for a packing and shipping home services business, considering the next similar business was 8-9 miles down the road” stated Travis.  “We have the same needs as most people do, and thought it would be a nice fit.”

Not surprisingly, their most popular requests are for packing and shipping, primarily via FedEx.  Additionally, they can provide printing up to 11 x 17 inches, on-site, but can special order custom sizes, posters, and/or signage inside a two-week window.

Travis commends the nearby United States Postal Service for a tremendous job handling more packages than anyone else, from a sheet volume standpoint, but believes the Postal Annex offers a superior service, in terms of offerings, customer service, and even notary signatures!

The Hauser’s envisions expanding their store into additional locations, one day, hoping to open three to four more stores similar.  However, for the time being, the Millbridge residents are thrilled to establish their first one so close to home.

Travis contends, “For me, I really enjoy interacting with the people that we see, coming through the door.  They’re typically already motivated to come in because they need to use our service, so it makes the visit pretty enjoyable for all of us.”

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