Nancy McCoy Duncan’s Surprise Drive-Through Retirement Party

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MONROE, NC – On the day before Nancy McCoy Duncan’s retirement from 15 years at the Union County Chamber of Commerce, her co-workers called on her for a very important fake assignment. She worked feverishly at what could be her last call to duty as a chamber employee, while conspirators planned a party behind her back.

nancy mccoy duncan thanks ucc staff
Nancy McCoy Duncan thanks the Union County Chamber of Commerce staff (Photo by D. M. Wallace)

No average party, this drive-through celebration brought what appeared to be most of Union County to the Chamber of Commerce to wish McCoy Duncan good luck in her future adventures. McCoy Duncan’s husband passed through the line several times in a vehicle that sported a very interesting motif (See pictures).

nancy mccoy duncan thanks ucc staff
Nancy McCoy Duncan poses with her husband’s creation (Photo by D. M. Wallace)

McCoy Duncan said that she was overwhelmed and that she had no idea what was coming. “What a blessing, I am truly overwhelmed,” she said, “I have loved every minute of my Chamber career. It’s going to be hard not to be Nancy at the Chamber anymore. God has a plan for me, and I’m just going to rock it out, whatever He directs me to do.”

uc community shelter visits duncan party
UC Community Shelter pays a visit to the party (Photo by D. M. Wallace)

McCoy Duncan said that she loves her team, the Chamber members, and the community. “It has been an absolute joy to do what I do,” she said, “I feel like I’ve been able to help people grow and prosper. I can lay my head down at night and say that I’ve felt good about my career.”

Jessica Diehl, one of McCoy Duncan’s teammates, said that McCoy Duncan was a blessing to the community and the chamber. She said, “There is going to be a big space to fill, but she is going to lead a bright and exciting future.”

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