New location for Hero Fitness

Owner Loryn Wurst and Trainer Dale Turner are ready for you to join their team at Hero Fitness!

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Have you been feeling encouraged as you drive past 167 S. Trade street in Matthews? As you drive by Unit L, phrases like “Go for it!” “Movement. Movement. Movement.” or “I am seeing great effort here!” may have caught your ear. You should get used to it. Hero Fitness has just opened a new location there.

Hero Fitness desires for you to become your own hero. Offering group fitness with a one-on-one training regime and individual focus, owner Loryn Wurst and her trainers create personalized diet and nutrition plans, weight training, and individual workouts.

Wurst’s main goal is to create the perfect alternative to a chain gym. Her clients say she is successful. “It’s only my second week, but I already like this a lot better than a normal gym.” shares new Hero, Kirsten Baca. “The camaraderie is what stands out for me. really encouraging and pushes each other.”

Loryn “Boss” Wurst leads an intermediate weight training class in 20 second bursts and lifts.

Also, Wurst is clearly able to maintain her appeal, as long-time attendee Paula “Momma”Floyd attests. “I come five days a week. In fact, since I began I have slimmed down 18 pounds.” Paula thinks the appeal of Hero Fitness definitely comes from the training programs. “I was just doing one on one meetings. However, I recently have been doing group classes and it’s been great. It all boils down to one fact: Loryn [Wurst] is the best.”

Another way Wurst encourages accountability and creates a personal training atmosphere is through her unique tradition of giving nicknames to her clients. “They’re meant to be, sort of, an alter ego.” Wurst explains. “It’s a name I can all on to encourage trainees. It tells them ‘you can go that extra ten seconds; you can give me one more rep.’” And the nicknames are for everyone. As soon as Loryn thinks of one, each person receives a nickname. Some members even have personalized workout gear.

Accountability is another unique, positive thing for Hero Fitness. “We just began a six-week program and a 21-day program. People who have signed up are doing ‘before and after’ photos to show how they’ve been transformed into their own fitness hero.” Wurst shares. “I have really loved watching my trainees come together. I do pair people based on their current fitness level, but I also think it’s really important to pair up those who are at different levels. I find it is really helpful for the newcomers. The person who has been there for six months will push the person who has been there for 1 month into working harder, and that’s a big deal.”

Dale Turner encourages his beginners as they switch from station to station during their session.

Another reason Wurst and her team are excited about their new location is the size of the space. “We are going to be able to offer so much more.” Wurst voices her excitement. “With that extra room, we are going to add a yoga studio – hot yoga, strength training yoga, and fitness yoga. It also will be used for personal boxing lessons, if clients are interested.” They keep their hours flexible – 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. almost every weekday, and pricing for all offered programs varies based on an individual’s schedule and needs. Hero Fitness will work with you and your wallet to get the best price for the outcome you want to receive.

All these big plans have Loryn excited about what she wants to do in the future. “I want to organize a Matthews’ Town Beer Run. I am working with Temple Mojo to schedule some Yoga & Beer Nights, so readers should keep their eyes open for that. But the thing I am most excited about is my new program Fit for Pits.”

“It is a rescue program that will help rehabilitate and foster pitbulls in the Charlotte area.” Wurst explains. “All over the Charlotte area, there are places known for dog fighting – especially with pitbulls. And often, these dogs fall into fighting because they are unwanted or have to be given away by people whose housing situation won’t allow them to keep their dog. I want to offer an alternative to a shelter.” Wurst hopes that this new gym location and the growth in her client base that she has already seen will provide the funds necessary to get Fit for Pits up and running. “I’m ready to embrace this next step in my own hero’s journey.” Wurst says with a smile.

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