New Toasted Cafe Brings Euro Style and Flair to Waxhaw

A delicious dish with some hot coffee. Chess anyone! (Jess Bailey)

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A beautiful presentation. (Jess Bailey)
Cozy Cafe in Waxhaw. (Jess Bailey)
An appetizing waffle. (Jess Bailey)
Looks very inviting! (Jess Bailey)
Making a tasty waffle. (Jess Bailey)

A downtown walk on a Waxhaw Main Street often feels like something of another world, and a stop at its newest eatery, Toasted, might make you think you’ve stumbled into a quintessential, European café.  Fortunately, that’s just what owner Shawn Causby is hoping for with her newest venture, Toasted!

Located at 318 E South Main St, and situated right next to her first Waxhaw business, Refresh – a bath and body shop – Toasted is the local entrepreneurs latest foray into the budding marketplace.  She was inspired by her European travels, where small, pop-up cafe eateries exist on every corner, with a limited, but unique offering of memorable eats.

“Our take is a little bit different flavor and flair than what you’d typically expect.  Our focus is simple, fresh and reasonably priced,” says Causby.

Causby prepares all the food at her home, as there is no on-site kitchen.  As such, when items sell out, they’re gone.  For this reason, it’s recommended to come in early to snag her pièce de résistance, the Leige waffles.  Unlike traditional Belgium waffles that are generally light and crispy, Leige waffles are made from a rising dough with pearl sugar worked in and then caramelized to create a much heavier and denser treat.

Not surprising, the cafes top selling waffles are the Nut N’ Nana, topped with Nutella, bananas, whipped cream and chocolate sauce, as well as the S’mores, topped with marshmallow fluff, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and graham cracker crumbs.  And while you’re welcome to grab and go, you might just find it hard to wait until you get home for that first bite!

An additional menu favorite is the Bacon Your Pardon panini, bursting with the melded flavors of thick-cut Applewood Bacon, brie, basil with raspberry preserve.  Also, not to be passed over are the daily assortment of decadent baked goods, ranging from brownies to snickerdoodle bars to triple-layer cakes!  Organic coffee is grinded in-house and made to order, and serves as the perfect complement to any of their menu options.  And if coffee isn’t the right thirst quencher for these dog days of summer, an array of sparkling water offers the ultimate refresher.

Causby’s menu is uniquely designed, and developed from her international travels, and specifically, Belgium street food.  She did extensive research into her menu, looking into the offerings of other waffle restaurants throughout the country, as well as reaching out to friends throughout their travels, and asking for renowned family recipes.

Between its menu, sensible portion sizes, and cozy café feel, Toasted delivers in giving locals a taste of Europe in the small town of Waxhaw!

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