Novant Matthews Teams With WxW Art Council for Show

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Arguably, there are few things in life that can bring more pleasure than art that touches your soul. Whether it be found in the form of Mozart’s symphonies, Maya Angelou’s poetry, or Picasso’s self portraits, there’s something undeniable about the profundity that can be found in an excellent artistic experience.

While Union County hasn’t yet become known as the home of the next Jackson Pollock, it’s not unlikely that it could be. As the number of residents in the area have grown, so has the attraction of a population of individuals who carry talent in creative endeavours.

Waxhaw has become home to many wonderful musicians, artists, and other expressive souls. The Waxhaw Arts Council has become the official home of many of these colorful people’s event organizing and outreach into the community. Continually working to promote and grow the art scene in Waxhaw and surrounding areas, the council hosts several shows and event every year to connect art to the community.

It’s at these events where many of us can find our own cathartic moment with an unsuspecting piece of beauty that speaks to something deep inside of us. Art is never intended to be a completion in itself, but instead a moment of interaction between the artist, the piece, and the beholder. “Art for art’s sake”, is a phrase that falls so short of the experiential intentions of creations made with the hands but born in the mind.

These rare and delicate exchanges are exactly what the members of the Waxhaw Arts Council are seeking to spark. Their shows are the vehicle in which the sparks arrive.

With this very intention, the council, the town of Matthews and Novant Hospital in Matthews have teamed up to offer an art show and sale in the exhibit hall of the Hospital’s lobby.

The show will run April 1 through April 27, 2019. Entrance is free to the public. The collection will be populated by over 30 local artists’ work- in both ceramic and paint media. Purveyors of art as well as those with novice curiosity are welcome to preview the works on their own, or attend an artist Meet and Greet in order to be better introduced to both the artists themselves and their methods of creation.

The Meet and Greet will take place in the lobby of the Novant Hospital in Matthews, and will include light refreshments. The time will be 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, on Saturday, April 7.

While works can be purchased at the Meet and Greet, they can also be bought at any time by directly contacting the artist- the contact information for each pieces will be listed alongside it in the show.

For further information, or any questions, contact the Waxhaw Arts Council online at

The artists of Union County look forward to bringing you more experiential moments with their unique creations, and are happy to engage and entertain you on April 7th and beyond.

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