Painting on The Lawn offers free rock painting to readers

8 Legs Painting on the Lawn

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Kindness Rocks of Waxhaw teamed up with 8 Legs Gallery and THE ART BOX to offer a free event for residents on Friday, Oct. 20 in order to celebrate community spirit and enjoy the Carolina October weather.

Those who made their way to the historic white house at the bend in E. South Main St between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Friday night were greeted by a lively set up on the lawn.

8 Legs Painting on the Lawn

Among the life-size mechanical theme art pieces, and below the iconic magnolia, tables filled and rotated a crowd of painters, young and old, chattering and decorating in the warm autumn air.

The purpose of the painting was to facilitate and hobby that has become a nationwide hit over the last year; especially gaining steam locally here in Waxhaw.

An earlier published article in the Tri W, headlined, “The Kindness Rock Project is a growing movement in the Tri W area”, told the story of how the Kindness Rocks Project was started by a woman named Meghan Murphy, who looked to brighten the lives of others by leaving encouraging words on brightly painted rocks hidden in the most inconspicuous of places. The rocks are meant to bring love, kindness and joy to those who find them.

The movement quickly caught fire and has been a source of happiness for many who both make and find these charming little rocks.

The hosts and participants of Friday’s event hope to help spread a little more love around the Tri W readership area with their recent creations. If you are eagle-eyed, you may just be one of the lucky finders of the hidden rocks. The choice is then yours whether to keep the stone or to hide it again for another to find.

If you do rehide it- be sure to be creative in your hiding spot!

You can join the local Facebook Page “Union County NC Rocks” to participate in discussions about hidden and found rocks, and to keep abreast of events like the one held at 8 Legs Gallery on Friday.

While painting and hiding the rocks is definitely a big part of the fun, coming out to meet and greet others who are into the rock-making hobby, can also be an enjoyable experience. You never know what new friends, or words of encouragement you might find on a fine Friday night.

Some Kindness Rocks drying before being hidden

Keep your eyes peeled for hidden masterpieces among us as you go about your day! You may even be inspired to create some of your own and tuck them away into secret crevices for a special someone to find.

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