Painting on the Lawn Set For August 18

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One of the best things about living in the Waxhaw area is the access to so much art and culture. For a tiny town, there is absolutely no shortage of local events to feed your creative soul.

One such event coming soon to culture-seeking locals is Painting on the Lawn, hosted by Eight Legs, one of Waxhaw’s most notable galleries.

Eight Legs has always been a destination for those looking for a new and unique piece of art for their collection, but recently it’s become an even bigger part of the community through its expansion of art class offerings by guests artists and the addition of a new creative space The Art Box.

A selection of in-house artists has joined forces to put on an event for the public, showcasing their talents as well as opening their space to anyone compelled to join them.

Painting on the Lawn, which will be held on Friday, August 18 from 6 p.m.-8 p.m., promises to take advantage of the great late-summer weather and the sprawling lawn of the gallery to awe audiences with a show of local talent. Eight Legs resident artists, Kristin Mitchell, David and Jane Hunt, Belinda Muth and Renae McGuire will create a collaborative piece before a live audience in the open air. This one-of-a-kind painting, the result of the styles of various creative souls, is sure to be memorable.

Along with this peek into the methods of these painters, the gallery is welcoming others to join in the creative process. Easels and tables will be setup under the massive magnolia tree that announces the front yard of Eight Legs. Artists of all levels are encouraged to bring along a canvas, brushes and paints to participate in the artistic energy.

If viewing art is more your speed rather than creating it, use the opportunity to stroll through the winding rooms of the gallery. The pieces that adorn the walls are constantly being refreshed as pieces are sold. So, there is always something new awaiting returning visitors.

The Art Box, operated by the spunky Ms.Kristin Mitchell, has occupied its new home in the front room of the store and boasts lots of surprise activities for guests. A tour of the space will leave many marking their calendars for an upcoming appointment with Mitchell.

Further back in the gallery, for those who have ever considered dabbling in art themselves, visitors will find examples of paintings done by the students of Renae McGuire; a phenomenally talented southern sweetheart who offers classes to both kids and adults on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the charming setting. Pick up one of her fliers, or take a moment to chat with the warm-hearted, silver haired soul and you’ll soon find a kindred spirit offering as much about wisdom and life as about paint.

No matter which attraction pulls you in – the pleasant weather, the live creative production, the chance to paint along with other artists in a collective setting, or wandering the halls of the gallery and checking out the classes and activities offered there, guests are sure to have a good time at Painting on the Lawn. Save the evening of August 18 for a night of culture and community in historic downtown.

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