Passion, Experience and a Perhaps a Touch of Luck Make for Beautiful Smiles at Waxhaw’s Newest Orthodontic Practice

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Bay Treatment area at the orthodontic practice.

A pretty smile might just come by the luck of the Irish if Waxhaw’s newest orthodontic practice, Three Leaf Orthodontics, has anything to say about it!  And easily found on your Waxhaw commute, it’s almost impossible to miss at 8412 New Town Road.

Born and raised in Ireland, Owner Dr. Shane Markey spent his formative years in The Emerald Isle, and then pursued undergraduate and graduate degrees in England, and finally DDS and post-graduate certifications in the good old US of A.

Markey’s education, coupled with his genuine passion and excitement for orthodontics makes him an ideal option for those seeking smile correction.  Three Leaf is truly a labor of love for Markey, who personally designed every detail of his practice, from the colors to the layout to the artwork, all with the mindset of creating the best experience for his customers.  And patients can be sure that Markey is the person they will see as they progress on their journey.

Applying a conservative treatment outlook, Markey offers cutting-edge technology to his patients, of which are children through adults.  Well-versed in the bracket system as well as Invisalign to straighten teeth, he utilizes ultra low-dose 3D Xrays, scanners in place of messy molds, and is able to detect and treat issues related to sleep apnea, just to name a few.  He’s even incorporated some elements of fun like LED faucets to produce Irish green water in the brushing stations, all to ease the minds, or nerves as the case me be, of his patients.

Additionally, he’s instituted a rewards program as an incentive for patients to arrive on time for appointments, keep up with their brushing, and even make good grades and participate in community service projects – all with the goal of accumulating points to eventually translate into food and retail gift cards.  And for the youngest patients, or simply siblings of those being treated, they too can participate in the Little Leaf Crew Program, and work on accruing their own points balance and subsequent rewards!

Markey, is thrilled to have finally opened his business in family-friendly Union County and is eager to build up his patient family.

“In orthodontics, you’re typically treating over the years, multiple kids in one family,” explains Markey. “I’m able to see a kid from their baby-face through the teenage years, and really get to know the whole family and what they’re into.”

You can reach Three Leaf Orthodontics at 704-727-6868 or online at

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