Providence Farms Encourages Culinary and Wellness Theme for its Growing Residents

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Live, work, eat and play…that’s the motto behind so many of the new apartment and condo concepts sprouting up in the area.  But none embody that more than Waverly’s Novel Providence Farms apartment homes!

Developer Crescent Farms Communities sought to create a property that fit the market and catered to the interests of its residents.  Subsequently, they conducted extensive market research, as they did when they built their first two, local properties – one in NODA, giving it a fittingly artsy, eclectic vibe and then the second, in Stonewall Station Uptown, with a focus on trend and luxury.  Providence Farms boasts a wellness and culinary theme that is melded into every comfort creature of its sprawling and impressive construction.

The typical profile of Providence Farms’ residents has been those looking to move away from their large homes, be it a personal decision to downsize or a status change in their lives. According to property Assistant Manager Kelly Taylor, “These are people who don’t want to leave the area where their friends and kids’ schools are, and also don’t want to sacrifice the quality of their living.”  Those priorities make the sophisticated Providence Farms community a perfect fit!

Providence Farms’ health and wellness initiative, with a focus on self-sustaining food and beverage, is ubiquitous throughout the complex’s onsite vegetable and herb gardens and fruit orchards that are maintained by the property’s very own horticulturist.  Residents are encouraged to pick their own peaches, crab apples, walnuts, peppers, basil, thyme and other countless produce right from the ground!

And for those that wish to see someone else put all that produce to good use, residents can partake in the community’s programming, which hosts nearly 12 events per month, and routinely draws anywhere from 30-80 attendees.  An in-house chef conducts an interactive cooking demo, bi-monthly, in the clubhouse’s very own gourmet kitchen.  And attendees enjoy appetizers, entrees and even suggested wine pairings while they get to know their neighbors.  Additional events include Vino on the Veranda, which samples four different, themed wines, explaining the history and flavors, Boozy Snow Cones (self-explanatory), Painting with a Twist, Food Trucks and so much more!

In addition, residents are free to use the kitchen equipment library to check out any utensils or small appliances such as a pasta maker or Kitchen Aid mixer.  It affords people the ability to try a culinary endeavor and see if they like it, without the hefty price tag and commitment.

Providence Farms puts a concerted effort into making its residents feel at home, and it’s paying off, as the complex is already at 65% capacity, since its opening in November. A luxurious pool, outside grilling and entertaining areas, and TV/game room round out this desirable abode in a premier location!

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