Provisions Waxhaw Vendor Spotlight – Carolina Crest Alpacas

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Carolina Crest Alpacas produces alpaca fibers which are then made into socks, scarves, gloves, drier balls, bird nesting balls, and a variety of other products. While the farm was founded in 1944, today the farm is run by the descendants, Rodney Little along with his wife and daughters. They have a small herd of nine alpacas and Little explains that it does not take very many alpacas to produce a sufficient amount of fibers for a small farm.

You can find the Carolina Crest Alpaca products on sale at Provisions Waxhaw. Little says, “The new owners, Lisa Vigil and Ken Posko, are wonderful to us. Since this is not my main occupation, they help us connect with the consumer who is looking for something local in the Waxhaw area. I can’t say enough good things about Provisions. They love being a part of a small town like Waxhaw.”

“We continue to increase our sales each year with Provisions as more and more people find out about the quality of our alpaca socks and goods. It feels good to have people asking about your products and coming to Waxhaw specifically for a pair of socks. Not many stores carry alpaca as it is much harder to come by than wool. You definitely won’t find them in any of the large sporting good stores. Mass productions is challenging, and profit margins are too tight to interest most of the companies who import their goods from China. We are proud that most of our products are made here in the USA. Some right here on our farm.

Some of our products do come from Peru, which is the original home of the alpaca, where it was domesticated by the Incas to make garments for royalty. In either case, these partnerships provide jobs to communities that need the work, and at the end of the day, the alpaca world is so small, we are all in this together. I would encourage anyone who has not looked at our products to stop by Provisions and grab a pair of socks. I have never had any complaints about our socks or other products.” Little goes on to say, “We rely on our many repeat customers who tell others about the quality of alpaca products and the good feeling of supporting our local farms.”

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