Provisions Waxhaw Vendor Spotlight – Mouton Blanc Farms

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Mouton Blanc Farm (White Sheep Farm in French) didn’t start out as the large operation it is today.

 When Nancy Humphries moved to Waxhaw from Charlotte with her family, she enjoyed the peace and quiet that comes from being out of the city.  Then a birthday gift from her son of two goats, Annabelle and Boxer, started a chain reaction.  Humphries explains, “So, Annabelle and Boxer had the cutest little children and their kids had cute children and we bought some more goats and then we didn’t have enough to do (not really), we purchased a flock of 42 sheep, chickens, some miniature Jersey Milk cows, Heritage breed American Guinea Hogs, and various ducks, geese, and donkeys. The farm just grew from there.”

While Mouton Blanc Farms sells many animal related products, they are best known for the eggs they sell at Provisions Waxhaw. 

Originally, they attended the Waxhaw Farmer’s Market but one day Lisa Vigil, co-owner of Provisions Waxhaw, contacted them about selling their free range, naturally grown eggs.  Provisions Waxhaw also sells Mouton Blancs handcrafted herb and flower wreaths as well as their jams and jellies that are produced from fruit grown on the farm.  All of Mouton Blanc Farm’s products are pesticide and herbicide free.

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