Pure CBD in Waxhaw Aims to Provide Natural Healing and Wellness

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Chronic pain is, unfortunately, an epidemic in this country, and for many looking for non-narcotic solutions, the pop culture phenomenon of CBD oil may be worth the investment in research and cost.   Waxhaw’s newest business, Pure CBD, and its owners Anna Barsen and Kelley Hyatt are banking on that very logic, with a bevy of products to aid in healing and general wellness. 

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is an oil derived from the hemp plant.  With scientific evidence linking its ability to successfully treat epilepsy, its anecdotal successes that have made the product explode in popularity.  While commonly used in larger, more progressive cities nationwide for years, CBD oil is often used to treat any one of the following ailments: anxiety, depression, menstrual cramps, insomnia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, PTSD, and general inflammation.  It comes in all different forms, from edibles to topicals to tinctures.

Since opening Pure CBD at 203 North Broome St. in mid-February, Barsen and Hyatt have been pleasantly surprised by the level of interest and inquiries from the public.  They are learning right alongside their clients.  Both having a professional background in retail art direction, the world of CBD is new to them, but felt Waxhaw was an ideal market to introduce the growing trend.  Hyatt learned of the product through her sister, who was using it to treat her symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and once her reluctant father, a retired pediatrician, did his research and jumped on-board, she knew it was a worthwhile venture!

“We both use it, are passionate about it,” enthused Barsen, regarding her and Hyatt.  “It’s a great alternative if you’re on meds and want to think about weaning off of them, to use something more natural.” 

All their products are sourced from the country’s leading manufacturers in the CBD arena, with each one maintaining a Certificate of Analysis (COA).  The latter verifies the products have been tested in a third-party lab, authenticating its potency and ingredients to accurately correlate to the outside packaging.

Hyatt explains, “Part of the education for us is that not all retailers are reputable.  [Without the COA] you may not be getting the quality CBD that you think you’re getting.”

A common misperception is that CBD and hemp are one in the same, but what makes CBD legal is that it is not made with THC, the agent that gives you the high of marijuana use.  Pure CBD plans to start hosting educational sessions right in their shop to educate the public and even offer samples in the form of chair massages and/or mini-facials, with the CBD oil. 

And lest anyone feel intimidated to set foot in a store whose product is commonly associated with a recreational drug, their minds should be set at ease, because there is nothing seedy (pun intended) about Pure CBD.  Barsen and Hyatt are both welcoming and genuinely excited to share their passion for their products.  Customers can start small with their best-selling bath bombs or lower concentration tinctures, or head right to vapes, flowers, cookies, teas, and even honey sticks!  There’s really no limit to the different ways one can try CBD, all it takes is a desire to learn and try.

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