Real Estate that Works for You with Wendy Ayala

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When it comes to the in’s and out’s of Real Estate, Wendy Ayala corners the market.  With an impressive skill set that hails from experiences in both her personal and professional life, Wendy brings dedication and ingenuity to the forefront of her real estate career.

Wendy Ayala
Wendy Ayala, Realtor with EXP Realty LLC.

Wendy and her family moved to Union County from Northern California in 2005 and she has called this area her home ever since.  After working in the mortgage industry until 2007, Wendy gained valuable experience in the business world overseeing high-level corporate negotiations for nationwide companies concerning food safety initiatives.  Having been employed as a realtor in California, Wendy felt compelled to return to the industry. She further proved her dedication to that endeavor by choosing to pursue her bachelors and master’s degrees, graduating in 2009 with her MBA.  

Having raised her family while simultaneously working and going to school full time, Wendy has the invaluable ability to prioritize, organize, and multi-task.  All of these skills come together to benefit her clients as a realtor today. Wendy can see the big picture, then step back, break it down, and work it into manageable portions for her clients.  Organized and task-driven, Wendy is methodical in both her research and marketing skills. 

For Wendy, listing a house is not just about a sign in the yard and a sentence on social media.  Wendy believes in hard work from start to finish. Whether her client is buying or selling, she constantly stays abreast of the situation with regular follow-ups and phone calls.  She works tirelessly for her clients to determine what is important, what they want, and what they need. Using those points, she helps her clients to determine the best plan of action based on the options they decide upon.   Wendy is very detail-oriented. She has strong negotiating skills, markets her listings hard, and networks well with other agents.

Wendy’s decision to work with EXP Realty LLC was an easy one.  Well known for being a billion-dollar virtual brokerage firm, EXP Realty LLC also offers excellent on the job training and provides classes in an online format that fit easily into busy schedules.  With these resources, Wendy was able to catapult her real estate career forward and signed with the firm in May of 2019.

As an empty nester, Wendy has both the time and the energy to pour all of her resources into her career.  For Wendy, being a realtor is not just a job, it’s a vibrant part of her life. She enjoys going above and beyond the status quo, walking her clients through every step of the process and educating them up front so they know the risks and benefits of what is sure to be one of the largest investments in their lives.  

From earning her degree while being a full-time working mother to owning her own cleaning business to negotiating high-level corporate contracts, Wendy has seen and done it all, with a methodical approach to organization and incredible drive and passion.  Wendy is licensed in both North and South Carolina and specializes in the Union County and Indian Land areas. With the Union County area growing and flourishing, Wendy is sure to be a stand-out choice whether you are listing or buying a home. For more information and to contact Wendy Ayala, please call Wendy at 704-989-3294, search Facebook at Wendy Ayala Sells Homes, or visit


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