Rescued horses benefit from USERL fundraiser

Skye is available for adoption from USERL and is one of the horses being supported by the fundraiser.

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The United States Equine Rescue League (USERL) – Central Piedmont Region hosted a fundraiser on Sunday, November 5 at Southern Breezes Farm in Monroe.  The fundraiser was held to raise funds for the continuing care for their foster horses.  One-hundred percent of the donations go to the horses’ care as USERL does not pay any salaries or other administrative costs.  Currently, USERL has seven horses in many stages of recovery in foster homes.  Since USERL does not have a central facility, they rely on foster homes to support the horses they receive from Animal Control.  Often the rescued horses have medical issues as well as care issues including needing food, regular farrier visits, and regular vet visits.

The foster homes that USERL utilizes must meet several requirements including having horse safe fencing, access to clean water, the ability to feed the horse twice a day, and shelter.  USERL also conducts facility visits to ensure the safety and care of the horses.  They are currently looking for more foster homes as they have to turn away horses because they don’t have enough suitable places to house them.  They are especially looking for foster homes that can also support training.  Once the horses are recovered, USERL looks for forever homes for their charges.  Many of the horses are only suitable as companion animals or “pasture ornaments” due to age or medical issues.

One of the horses currently available for adoption is Skye.  Skye came to the rescue in utero when her dam was seized.  She is a gaited/saddle type horse who has been in training with Kristen Honeycutt and will eventually make a nice trail horse with the right rider.  Another of the most famous cases that USERL is currently supporting is Blue Blaze.  Blue was brought to the rescue severely malnourished.  While she has made remarkable improvement, during her recovery she was diagnosed by NC State with liver failure.  To date, her expenses have exceeded $7,000.  Her progress, as well as the other horses’ progress, is captured on the USERL – Central Piedmont Region’s Facebook page

Lana Clement adopted a horse, Zoe, from the USERL three years ago and was volunteering at the fundraiser.  She says, “You won’t find a ready-made horse.  When you find one you have to be ready for the journey, it has to be something that you are prepared for.”  Zoe has HYPP and requires extra care.  “I wanted the journey.”

USERL hosts eight to 10 fundraisers throughout the year.  Besides monetary donations, USERL also accepts tack and other horse items.  They will use what they need and then sell the rest at tack sales to raise funds.  They are also looking for other types of donations including feed, hay, UlcerGard, and other healthcare items.  If you would like to donate directly to feed costs, please contact McCoys Feed & Pet Supply in Midland, N.C.

United States Equine Rescue League – Central Piedmont Region. or Facebook: @USERL.NCCP

USERL logo
The USERL fundraiser hosted by Southern Breezes Fam offered lots of activities for children including free rock painting.
Bridger Medlin of Southern Breezes Farm talks to the driver of the wagon at the USERL fundraiser.
A volunteer and Deb Carlson, USERL Volunteer/Fundraising Coordinator, announce raffle winners at the USERL fundraiser hosted by Southern Breezes Farm on November 5, 2017.
There were plenty of activities for all ages at the USERL fundraiser including roping.

Alex Underwood, from Monroe, volunteered to sing and play for the USERL fundraiser. She has been playing for about four years but just started singing at open mikes a year ago.
One of the activities for all ages at the USERL fundraiser hosted by Southern Breezes Farm on November 5 was gem mining.
Skye is available for adoption from USERL and is one of the horses being supported by the fundraiser. (Photo provided by USERL)
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