Safe Shopping Strategies

Protect yourself and others while shopping by following established guidelines.

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From limited stock items to six-foot social distancing, our shopping habits have changed dramatically in the last month.  Amid the rise of the Coronavirus Pandemic, frustrations and concerns continue to mount surrounding how to keep families safe from infection while also providing meals and necessities.  Many area stores are posting policies for the public to follow to help slow the spread of the virus and keep both workers and shoppers as safe as possible.    

                                          1. General Guidelines

If you are symptomatic, please stay home.  Many stores offer home delivery and drive through pick up, which are great options that will help reduce your contact with crowds of people.  If you must go into the store, have a planned list to minimize the amount of time that you spend inside.  Maintain social distancing and protect yourself by using any sanitizing supplies provided.  Masks and gloves are recommended.  Be sure to check store hours as many stores have changed their hours to have time to thoroughly clean and restock shelves.  

                                         2. Sanitizing and Safety 

Most stores have increased onsite cleaning and are either sanitizing carts between customers or are offering sanitizing materials for customers to use.  Stores have begun to mark off 6-foot parameters in their stores with colored tape to help shoppers maintain social distancing.  

                                         3. Senior Hours

Most stores are offering seniors select hours to shop with minimal crowds.  Currently, area Harris Teeter stores offer senior shopping hours from 6 am to 7 am on Mondays and Thursdays. Walmart Neighborhood Market in Waxhaw is offering senior shopping hours through April 28th on Tuesday mornings also from 6 am to 7 am.

Bradley Small of Walmart Neighborhood Market in Waxhaw stressed the importance of masks and gloves to minimize the spread of any germs and to protect both customers and workers alike.  Remember that store hours and policies can change at any moment, so be sure to check your favorite store’s website for the most up-to-date information and call ahead if you have questions.

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