Serve Unity Outreach + Destined 4 Greatness Management Hosts You’re Enough Monroe Day

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CHARLOTTE – There has been a significant rise in people seeking and needing resources, especially from a mental health perspective. The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken a toll on young, old, families, businesses, schools, and communities. Some are saying that the mental health crisis is the next pandemic. See article from the New YorkTimes. While we know and see what’s happening around us, we all should be asking ourselves what we can do about helping in any way we can?

That’s what our team and others are trying to do starting in Monroe, NC with hopes to expand across the country.

Inspired by artist, Dequan Starnes, song, & “You’re Enough” a hip hop ballad to remind people they are enough no matter what they are going through. Coupled with the artists and authors under his management label and now joining forces with Serve Unity Outreachs (a Black Woman ran nonprofit mission) that exists helps provide real connections between people and the resources they need to help them overcome adversity. The You’re Enough community engagement mission was born.

We all came together to see how our collective teams could raise awareness for this cause in the Monroe, NC, and the broader Union County community. But not just by telling the community you’re enough but by showing up and putting our mission through outreach and entertainment in action. Monroe is the County seat for UnionCounty, the center of the county that connects people from every side of the region.

At the same time, this collision of missions was happening, Union County Public Schools leaders and Monroe Middle School leaders wanted to do something similar for their own school. What a perfect opportunity to collaborate and reach the broader Monroe community and beyond!

Serve Unity Outreach wanted to help find a way to engage the community for the school. The students, staff, and teachers are doing amazing things in their school!

The event will be held 3/19 11a-1p at Monroe Middle School, at 601 E Sunset Dr Monroe, NC 28112.

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