Shop Small – Make A Big Difference

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By supporting small and local businesses your tax dollars stay here and support our schools, infrastructure, emergency services, and help our community thrive. It also saves you money, since Union County has a lower sales tax rate.

We’ve compiled this list of ways to make small changes that make a big difference!

  • Read locally produced news. (Hint: You’re already doing this one)
  • Switch your chain restaurant and try a new (to you) locally owned-establishment.
  • Shop online! Many local businesses have online shopping access and provide personalized service to help find what you need.
  • Engage with local businesses on social media. Like, comment, share a post, or leave a review. All of these can take less than a minute for you, but mean so much for a small business owner.
  • Can’t get out and need a gift? Consider a gift card from a small and/or local business. Think local first.
  • In the market for a new car, new bank, CPA, or financial institution? Want to plan an outing for your family, friends, or a date night? See what’s nearby before looking down the road. Union County has options for all of these, right here at home! Shop where you live.

Start small. Make one new change this week.

Imagine the huge impact if everyone did that!

Do you want to be a part of the greater story of championing business growth and prosperity in Union County? Call or email us to learn more! • (704)289-4567

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