Sick Of renting? Is It Time To Buy?

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WAXHAW, NC – Buying a home depends on what season of life you’re in. If you’re past your first job, with a stable income and you’re sick of putting money into something that will never be yours – you might be in the right place. Buying a home is a wonderful investment.

There are many things that factor into the decision to buy. However, the two most important are always –


The most important first step is, of course, determining whether you can afford to buy a home, and if so, can you afford to buy as much of a home as you need or want.

Life situation

When you purchase or sell your home, when and for how long can be an important factor in how you structure the financing. If your current situation keeps you in one place for less than 3 – 5 yrs, are you open to renting the property out if you must move for work or family?  For instance, if you are in the military and your family is getting moved around, have you considered that this may be your entry into the world of real estate investing?  Whether you decide to buy, sell or rent temporarily there is always a way to grow your net-worth with the purchase of the real estate.

There isn’t always a clear answer to the question of whether to rent or buy. Depending on your life situation and finances, the answer might change over time. No matter what decision you make, it’s crucial you make an informed decision based on your financial situation and lifestyle.

 A qualified mortgage planner is an excellent place to start that assessment. If you would like additional information, please contact me at (704) 778-6205 or


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Tony Garshnick
Tony Garshnick believes in faith, family and a rock-solid financial foundation. He helps individuals and families across the Carolinas realize the American dream of home ownership in a thoughtful and responsible way. Tony is a mortgage planner with his eye on clients' overall financial picture as much as their home loan. He is also passionate about helping those who make their communities and their country better. In his free time, Tony volunteers at his church and enjoys being with his wife and two daughters.