Slime Spectacular: 22 Simple Slime Recipes to Dazzle Your Friends

Slime Spectacular (From the Family)

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Gabrielle Elizabeth Brown, is a 12 year old home schooled pre-teen who was born and bred in Mint Hill, has recently authored a new book entitled, Slime Spectacular!  This was a home school endeavor, which has become a major accomplishment for the youngster.  Gabrielle began writing the book when she was 11 years old.  She bubbled with excitement about her new hobby and began experimenting and creating new recipes.  The family thinks they should have taken stock in white glue (a main ingredient in making slime), according to her mom.

In the fall of her 12th year, she has learned about the entire process of writing, publishing, and promoting.  Slime Spectacular was launched the week before Christmas and was No. 1 on Kindle in Children’s Hobbies and Crafts.

This book was written by a young lady who is a 12 year old kid for kids.  The book creates 22 simple slime recipes you can do at home with your own children.  Gabrielle uses 5 ingredients or less for each recipe.  Just use your imagination and you can mix, pop, and poke slime all you want into your own creation.  Some of the recipes in the book are very creative, cake batter slime, cream cheese slime, butter slime, glitter glue slime and much more are all fascinating and youngsters should enjoy creating their own recipes.

The children’s book is for kids who want to learn how to make slime.  A lot of the ingredients are already sitting in your pantry at home.  Slime can be fun, entertaining at parties, and even educational.  It will teach kids about cooking, measurement, and chemistry skills.  The kids can mix colors, beads, glitter, and more while creating their own recipes beyond the 22 in the book.  It’s a great stimulus for the minds of children to use their own creativity and imagination.  They can personalize their individual slime projects and activities.

The book can also be used as fun for entertainment at parties, a perfect gift for a young child, grandchild, and a friend.  It will hold their attention and keep children busy for hours doing something different from all the expensive technology gadgets available today in the marketplace.  It’s going back to basics and using the wonderful world of a child’s imagination to create something they can be proud of on their own.

This is a great accomplishment for Gabrielle and her mom.  They have put in many hours of preparation into this book and the final outcome is certainly a successful endeavor.

For more information, go to Amazon online and you will be able to find the book for sale.

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