Social media marketing is like the beach

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We can learn a lot from the beach.

It’s ever-changing and yet steady and predictable.

That’s how a good social media strategy should be described as well.

Your social media presence should have a distinct feel to it that makes it reliable and recognizable anywhere. After all, it doesn’t matter what beach you go to, we all know what the waves will sound like, how the air will smell and the sand will feel.

While the beach is so familiar, it is also always changing, from one day to the next. Currents, temperature, tides, and waves are different throughout each day, week and even season.

During the summer most beaches attract an abundance of people because the conditions are more likely to be right to draw them into the water. However, there are still some that visit even when they don’t plan on getting into the water.

Social media marketing can be just like that and it might feel like feast or famine but really it’s just a natural rhythm. People who visit the ocean in those winter months are very likely to be returning in the summer as well. So it’s important to remain consistent and steady in your presence, just like the ocean does.

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