Sodi Pops Sweetens Up South Main Street

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Have you ever met Wonder Woman?

I have. Well, maybe not the one who wears thigh-high boots and a leotard, but definitely the one who runs Sodi Pops.

Jessica Cook, wife, mother, and candy store extraordinaire, is the type of wonder woman who is unstoppable.

She and her husband, Brandon, decided to open a store that would bring joy to Waxhaw and expand on the community atmosphere. What better type of retail space could accomplish that desire than a candy shoppe in downtown Waxhaw?

Cook, speaking at her 100-mile-per-hour clip, chirps that the couple’s goal “wasn’t to make a million dollars”, but instead to “bring happiness to Waxhaw, and to provide a place that was fun for kids”. The Cooks know a lot about kids because they are parents to two.

Behind Jessica’s head on the wall is an over-sized poster of two beautiful little girls with contagious smiles. The smiles belong to Koi and Telan Cook, the six and four-year old daughters of the owners. They are the bouncy blond-haired mascots of the sweet shop. It’s easy to see why the parents of these little ladies would want to open a kid-centric business.

Besides the fact that Sodi Pop is covered floor to ceiling in delicious sweets, enough to bring in children in hoards on its own, Jessica has a clear map of expanding offerings catering to kids.

Presently, Mrs. Cook is working on birthday party packages. Although, Sodi Pop will soon have a number of preset birthday party packages to choose from, for now, they offer entirely made-to-order celebrations that include assembling and decorating your own chocolate treats, complete with take-home molds based on the desired party theme.

If weddings or retirement parties are more your thing than Pokemon or princesses, you’ll be delighted to know that Sodi Pops caters to “big kid” needs as well. The store is happy to work with hosts to make custom molds into scrumptious and fun chocolates to treat your grown-up guests as well, and they have the skills and know-how to deliver.

The specialty chocolate part of Sodi Pop was inspired by the Cook girls’ grandmother, who has spent her career in chocolate production. All that experience has been put to yummy use in the on-site chocolatier where magic is made.

Boasting a range of decadent indulgences, the chocolate case hosts chocolate covered strawberries as big as Cook girls’ fists, chocolate covered bacon that is locally sourced in collaboration with Waxhaw’s own Lazy Pig BBQ, and chocolate-covered espresso beans, a result of a partnership with Sospresso, to name a few.

Jessica’s energy and creativity knows no bounds, as she rattles off the list of future ventures she is planning for her newly opened venue. She is already working closely with many small businesses across the Waxhaw community in various ways, and she talks excitedly about her participation on the Facebook page, “Waxhaw Fun 4 Kids,” where local shops come together to offer weekly activities for kids 2-13 for a fee of around $10-$20.

Sodi Pop’s first class is a combination of art and candy play, with special guest, locally touted artist and teacher, Renae McGuire.

As Jessica channels her Wonder Woman super powers into Sodi Pops, the community continues to reap the benefits of her expanding offerings. The growth of the downtown area brings businesses that are both economically and socially attractive while holding fast to Waxhaw’s roots in creativity and artistic culture. With enthusiastic entrepreneurs like the Cooks opening new storefronts, it’s easy to look forward to the ribbon-cutting to come.

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