Something Cool is Coming – Waxhaw Beginning Pedestrian Improvement Project in Downtown

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WAXHAW, NC – Waxhaw town staff are excited to announce their next big project – Downtown Pedestrian Improvements. This project will better connect pedestrian access throughout downtown with new sidewalks and crosswalks, as well as by creating a pedestrian plaza along E N Main Street.

The project is funded by a grant from the Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) as a part of their Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). The grant was submitted in 2016. After statewide funding freezes during the COVID Pandemic, the town is now bringing the project to fruition. The Board of Commissioners approved a contract with Nassiri Development at the board meeting on Jan. 24.

The project includes new crosswalks and sidewalks along Price Street, South Church Street, South Providence Street, as well as at the intersection of NC75 & South Broome St and NC16 & McDonald Street. Traffic changes will be made to the intersection of North Main Street and NC16, as East North Main Street will become a one-way road. All left turns will be removed at the intersection, allowing for right turns only. The most substantial change will be along East North Main Street as the sidewalk is widened to account for a larger pedestrian plaza. A knee wall with decorative handrails will provide safer pedestrian access with the change in curb heights. Additional angled parking spaces will also be added to North Providence Street. 

“We are thrilled to get started on this project,” said Assistant Town Manager and Engineering Director Matt Hubert. “This is a long overdue improvement for Downtown Waxhaw and will create a much safer and more enjoyable experience for our pedestrians and drivers alike. Once completed it will illustrate how the current gem we have downtown can be enhanced while keeping its heart and heritage intact.” 

While under construction, all businesses will remain open and accessible. Updates will be shared weekly with property and business owners and shared on the town’s website.

“It’s important for us to remind our shoppers to support local. While we construct something cool downtown, we want customers to remember to support their favorite downtown businesses,” shared Downtown Director Ashley Nowell. 

The project is set to begin construction on Feb. 20 and be completed in the summer. A full list of improvements, 3D-rendering and construction updates can be found at the town’s website:

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